Wednesday, May 21, 2003

jordan is the awesomest!

it was so funny. yesterday i was watching blue crush. i look over at jordan and it looked like he was watching too. it was so funny. when the movie ended he started swimming. i was like aww jordan likes the blue crush.
im too attached to him. hes just a goldfish too and its not the fancy kind. i dont know how hes going to like the traveling tomorrow. well see.
long beach is a cool place. the beginning of the semester was kinda scary but i got used to it. i like it here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

items eizelle wants to buy by the end of summer:
a scarf for the harsh summer.
new pair of vans preferably in blue and green or the kvel knievel inspired shoes if they are still available.
new two piece b/c the one i have is haggard.
new wheels for my longboard.
a skate tool b/c i said i was always going to buy one and never did.
a digital camera b/c i dont want to hog my brothers.
a cheap las vegas visor and tshirt.

hopefully babysitting will cover some of the cost.