Friday, February 28, 2003

"you have so many relationships in this life, only one or two will last..."

it was like the situation in disneyland when you see the same person the whole day yeah everyday is kinda like that... but there were no rides and this is in school...i thought today was going to be a nice day but it wasnt. i wasnt feeling it today. you know how it is. the day was nice but it was not a nice day. it was sunny but cold. i was going to go see if i could god find alexis but when i got to her class she was not there. i thought her class ended at 11 so i waited around the school even though i dont have to be there after 850. i went to the library to go look around seeing is i havent really benn in the library and then waited to see if i could find this girl in my communications group to tell her where to meet us but i didnt find her either. ah oh well. but i did get my bus pass at the university bookstore and its pretty damn cool i must say. wow thats shows whats going on in my life. then i waited til like 1045 at the usu to pass the time. seriously nothing is going on that i am writing about my bus pass. good times...not really. my parents are coming on saturday. that should be good i get real food. food is always good. i made a gutiar pick out of a mistake cdr. its alright. it has a weird shape but its a pick nonetheless. i also found so cool craft sites. then my landlady took me out for dinner her treat. it was good we ate at el celantro. i had two really good fish tacos. yum. i was kinda scared b/c she had a beer one beer and then she drove. i know like its only one but she a little older but shes smaller and i could tell she was a little buzzed b/c she was laughing more than usual and talking a lot more to people that she didnt even know. i mean she was like talking about everything and anything and cursing like more than usual, she told me that damn is her favorite word and in rite aid she was loud and said "you opinions on ben affleck" im like umm hes ok. and then she bought me a scoop of ice cream. then when we got in the car she couldnt put the keys in the ignition it took her more tries than normal then as we left the parking lot her tires were on the curb so there was a little bump. i thought i should have been driving. my sisters friend drove us an he had one beer but hes bigger.
hey whos a big looser and watched the baywatch movie? oh oh, me me, i did, i did! yup it was not suprisingly bad but its great just like the show. my favorite line was when david hasselhoff killed the asian guy from johnny tsunami in the ocean and his son asked where he was daivd hasselhoff answers, "fish food." oh man it was a horrible line therefore it was the best line in the whole movie and then they laugh. yes yet another friday spent inside the house. so i subjected myself to the baywatch movie. nothing else on the tv.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

"would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be my neighbor?"

it was like someone punched me in the stomach. i was sitting in the usu studying and i hear that mr rogers dies. its been a fear of mine that when mr rogers dies that the world just wont be the same. he was a great person. i really didnt care for what they would say otherwise. i grew up watching him he came on right after sesame street and before reading rainbow. those were great times. innocent times. looking forward to make believe, and picture picture. i knew when mr mcfeely of speedy delivery died that it was only time that mr rogers would go too, but this was all to sudden. i know kcet will continue to show the show for the kids, heck i hope my kids if i have any get to watch his show and see what i saw. its a sad day. he was like a grandfather just on tv.

ah i hate the rain but it is good. i just hate going to school when it rains. its just too wet. i had a test in comm today it went well i guess. my anthro class dragged today. she just lectured and lectured like the world stopped turning. it was boring i dont think anyone was listening. even the old guy in my class finds her boring. need money for shows i should do crafts for money. sell out and start selling bracelts over ebay. that would suck nevermind. im feeling really crafty again.

"wont you please wont you please, please wont you be my neighbor"

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

"I've been thinking I'm drinking too many drinks all by myself"
i hate it when it rains and i have to go to school. i hate waiting at the bus stop especially in the rain. oh well.
i dont really like this going hungry thing. i running out of food today i had the crappiest dinner. im sick of frozen veggies and chicken. i need something new like a george forman griller, the infinite possibilites i would have. i also had some clam chowder. i need milk there is ovaltine in the cabinet and i want some.
i had a really good dream last night. really good dream i woke up feeling good. then my phone rang it was my landlady asking if i took out the trash which i did the day before. thats about it. i went to class and then home to an almost empty fridge.
i was watching elimidate and there was this really cool guy he had pins on his sweater. i mean he was part of a super secret kickball club and he had a moped at a bar he ordered milk. how cool is that anyways he got elimidated the first round. the other guys were assholes. i couldnt watch it was lame after the cool guy left.

Monday, February 24, 2003

"...and now my life is envied by all..."
i wasted an hour in the laundry mat. thats my weekend. i typed a lot too but i wanted to open a bookmark and it opened in this window i was typing in so i go back all that i wrote is gone so ill type what i can.

the laundry mat on saturday was boring. it was the longest hour of my life. i like it there. the people there are strange there is alos a vons with really nice looking baggers and a rite aid ross and a wherehouse all in the same shopping center. its all nice. also it was homecoming at school but the bus passed by and it looked loame so i was like fuck it and moved on. i hate the weekend bus schedule b/c the buses run every hour and a half. so i waited a good hour for a bus that was crowded with a big heavy bag of underpanties and clothes. fuck the bus rule ill sit next to anyone i dont care. as long as i get to sit. the bus rule isnt really a "rule" its more like unwritten rule. people just dont like sitting next to weidos on the bus. like today a hilbilly guy sat across from me. he smelled of aqua velva and beer. he wore a flannel shirt a trucker hat and a beer belly to boot. times like this i wish i had a camera. when i got home i did some reading studying and such for a comm test on thursday and then some homework for history. i also have a history essay due on the 7th. blah...taking one step at a time. als mt landlady is gone for a week so i get to play my music loud. finally. i could have house sat for tim commerford but no i have school. speaking of school i ohnly had one class so it was good. i woke up a little later than normal. on sunday i skated down to the store and got some english muffins for lunch and frozen juice. i also did more reading.
this happens a while ago. i thought it was funny. there was a pro war rally at our school. the funny part was that there was a protest against the pro war people by the anti war people. they were like across from each other and then the police were involved with a bullhorn but they were jsut screaming at each other things like your ugly and your fat...not really it was more like repubicans are prodominatly white witha taken black and asian guy the anit war people were diverse. la la stuff like that. war, no war they screamed. the police couldnt do anything.
ah begining to like it a little more everyday but im still very alone and reserved. if this were home i would have benn laughing my head off at ths commercial i saw i forgot what it was but it was hi-larious. i missed the grammys yesterday. i guess is your name is not nora jones then you didnt win anything. coldplay i hear won something that cool and so did no doubt. they deserve it. they were nominited so many times before so its cool they won something. i also missed the clash tribute and simon and garfunkel. damn! i hear they hate each other so there must have been tension and a of sleeing audience.