Saturday, May 03, 2003

man ok i think my fish is a lot more active when im not here. i thought he was never going to eat but no when i came back all his food was gone and i fed him again and look when i turn my back he grabs food. geeze.
fuck you jordan

sorry so hostile but jordan, my fish is pissing me off. hes not eating and hes just hiding behind the plant. grr pissing me off i dont want him to die. i didtn do much yesterday. it was raining

Thursday, May 01, 2003

remember all the things we kept inside and we dont know why

i feel like a bad parent. today i have classes from 8am to 445 so i dont usually get home till 530ish so im gone the whole day, i totally forgot to feed my fish. went i go home i fed him and he was attacking the food. im felt bad the whole day. i was supposed to give a presentation but no josh decided to stop and there are like six more people so i guess ill go next week then. anyways there were some note worthy ones. like this one girl did her on flirting and she was trying out some tips and sure enough she has a date. this other guy did his on music. it was great b.c he said the lyrics to so fresh and so clean and he said something about hygene and how its important so that kinda made me giggle. anyways then i met annisa for lunch at the dining hall. i had a gardenburger and some pasta and a coffee. stupid smoothie machine was broken. anyways, then annisa went to class so i checked out this communication navigation thing and kroq was there and i got a keychain. good stuff the guys working the booth were super cute too.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

and i shook the honey glaze from my head

i love my mom. she called me to remind me that its free scoop day at 31 flavors. thats great. she wants me to go home this weekend and babysit for the family i babysit for.its an overnight thing and they requested me. the thing is that i dont have a way home. boo. so i dont know. im hopefully its weird b/c i talk to everyone else and i dont feel homesick but when i talk to my mom i feel like im missing something...i have jordan and he keeps me company when it gets lonely. he looks at me funny and its cool b/c hes actually going up for fish food instead of me poking it to make it float down. hes so cool. im suprised hes lived this long. tomorrow i give my informational speech and its going to be may. 23 more days to go. who ha! i have academic advising on friday. thats cutting into my nap time. oh well. after my presentation the next big thing is finals. my housemate moved out. it was kinda shitty too b/c she left without two weeks notice and she wanted her deposit back. i dont think your entitled to it if you dont give at leat 2 weeks notice. but no she got it back much to the dismay of my landlady. as soon as she got it posted up we had a girl come to look at the room and some boy call. so hopefully ill get some cool house mates. then i can make a psudo real world. this is the story...
yeah it was kinda exciting i really want to get new house mates. i have to register soon and i havent really thought about the classes i i want. ill think about that later. now i think about sleep and what im going to eat for lunch tomorrow..oh and that presentation.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Make a liar out of me and work your magic

its sad im singing to my fish. i want him to live. i dont think singing to him will help.
fisherspooner is awesome. i heard his song a while ago and i thought it was cool then but then i saw him on jimmy kimmel oi so fun.he had dancers and he danced with them. i never thought i could like a band that does that but hey it was good. theres a first for everything.if it wasnt so late i would have gotten up and danced. so yeah check out the song emerge.
anyways school is school i have to do a two to three page outline on interpersonal relationships and the internet: intiating new relationships and how it helps keep touch with families and friends and how it can improve these relationships. yeah kinda boring but i also get to present this to my class. im not too excited about that. oh well. in comm there was some preformance. it was better than what i was expecting. you know those plays in school that have 30 year olds acting as teenagers in fictional situations that teach us a lesson but they always end up making you want to do the total opposite of what they tell you not to do ? this was not like it. it was pretty good and ive seen my share of preformance groups.
i dont know where ben a jerrys was so no free scoop for me but tomorrow is free scoop day at 31 flavors and i live right down the street from them. who ha! free ice cream for eizelle.

Monday, April 28, 2003

tilt your head back as we hit the wall

i was just finishing up my pears and cheese platter...ok well friday i didnt have class so naturally i didnt get up till like 2. i was a good sleep. then annisa asks me to fill in a spot on the softball team she plays for i figure hey why not so i did. the thing was that i was not 100%. i was kinda sick and medicated but i still played. it was fun. we lost but it was fun none the less. after that we (annisa, dana, wendy and two other guys that i cant seem to rememebr the names...sorry) went to a&w. i never knew a place like that existed. this one was weird b/c it was an a&w kfc split. so along with the "authentic 50's dinner" motif there was kfc motif. it was funny. if you order root beer at a&w you get like a beer glass. its pretty cool. well there were some resting on top of a trash can near the exit so as we were walking out i look behind the counter, nobody was watching and i just grab one and walk out. it was that easy. annisa got one too but her shoes were sacraficed. then wer head to lazer something were we play lazer tag. it was great. there were a bunch of high school kids that look like they just got out of sadies b/c each couple was wearing something that was matching. it was actually quite sickening. and afi was playing so the girls were dancing around and stuff. but i guessed it was afi and i got a free game. i also got free games on the ms packman/galaxia (?) split. after that we went back to the dorms and i slept there. it was cool. i ate breakfast at the dining hall and then we headed to kaleidoscope. i got a cool key chain that resembles the pyramid and they won goldfish. anissa won two and she gave me one he has two friends, ted and ian (RIP). so we all had one except for nick (i think thats his name). anyways the name for my fish as follows: jordan b/c i was going to name him jerome but he started to freak out and then i look up and i see a crew of kids wearing nfg shirts so i say jordan and he stops so i said jordan. then earl b/c of the one and only robert earl wells and esquire iii b/c thats a cool title. hes in a little terrium right now. but i know he wont live long so when he goes im getting a betta. then we go to a dorm bbq. it was fun i guess. we got food what can you say. then we head back to the dorms and then like at 945 we head to the movies. we saw the real cancun. the funny part was when the movie was over and we were heading out we see seriously an old man and old lady sitting in the back of the theater. i think grandpa was asleep and grandma was in shock. the movie was like girls gone wild but real world. it was funny. then they drop me off. good times.
sunday was essay day. this week in speech. i have to write a speech about interpersonal relationships and the internet. im focusing on how it effects friends and family and how you make new friends. it should be fun.
today was alright. a storybook ending played today. they were good. my housemate is moving out. im going to be alone. as long as i have jordan...

Sunday, April 27, 2003

im in love

his name is jordan

jordan earl esquire iii

hes sitting on my desk right now looking at me

yeah hes a goldfish

ill tell you the rest later...right now its time to write an essay.