Friday, March 21, 2003

"good times come and good times go, i only wish the good times would last a little longer..."

kinda i slept for like an hour in the usu before i left for home. i had some cornbeef and cabbage for lunch. i went on the computer for a while and then skated to the bank to get rent money. then i went to albersons to do some comparative shopping. i love albersons but its kinda far but they have better deals ralphs is too expensive even with the double coupons. i got two frozen juices other than orange and apple for 99 cent. thats a freaking bargan. also i found out that tofu steak is like $1.39 so when i run out of meat im getting tofu steak. its cheaper than the real meat and t comes in various marinates. i still have lots of food from when my mom came so im good. i figure it will last me another week i also have veggies that i got last week. when i paid my rent my land lady was feeling real good b/c she took me out to dinner. we ate at huffs. its like a small diner that was actually built in the 50s. one of the waitresses had a a psudo beehive. it was great b/c i think thats how she styles her hair everyday. they had the greatest clam chowder. im used to canned clam chowder so this one was really good. and i got a garlic toast and my fish and chips and some veggies. it was soo good. i had two peices of fish and i could not eat the last one. i have lots of chips left and my garlic toast. i guess ill eat it when i get up tomorrow. i have to do laundry and im going to try to do it earlier than i usually do so i could go to the towne center. i need some stuff from old navy and i just want to go and look around. maybe ill go to the skate shop on the corner of carson. i dont know. i have to eventually study for my test but thats not till wednesday. so i guess ill start studying on sunday. im trying to decide if i should start training on monday or start on friday. hmmm....
yesterday was the major fair and i decided im going to double major int fashion merchandising and textiles and clothing. im actually excited b/c im taking a fundamental to apparel production and i get to learn how to sew and possibly, im hoping knit. im so excited. yeah double majoring. im really excited about this.
things to do in case of an emergency

Thursday, March 20, 2003

"i wanna read good news, but nothing good is happening"

there was nothing on again today. the ncaa thing was supposed to be on but no it was dan rather repeating the same info about the war. for like three hours, the same news was repeated there was no real reason to be on tv. they were running out of things to talk about. they would alos discribe everything too. like that buliding is on fire. its flaming and its burning. back to you dan. one report kinda got me. the story was on the protest in san fransico and how in california the antiwar sentiment is higher in numbers compared to those in other states. thats were the story was supposed to end then dan rather says something like well in nyc they are almost all in support of war. then the guy in san fransico say well b/c they havent really experienced a terrorist attack. then dan rather goes "thanks," or something and cuts him off. it was weird b/c when i saw that it was like dan rather made him say that last statement to make his point. it was weird it was very unsettling. i guess you had to see it to understand. i just slept most of the time. i guess everyone thinks im so alcoholic b/c my jones soda bottles remind people of some drink. i forgot waht but yeah. especially b/c the cream soda is clear. ah oh well if thats what they think then so be it. next week hopefully ill have green soda and prove them all wrong.
there was a walkout today. a really good turnout but it not in my nature to not go to class so i went. i felt bad but i had to. they came marching by our class and screaming in out door during lecture. it was great.
umm coca

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

"days of innocence are all long gone avoid the shock honey and try to live on"

im guessing this means a lot more people are going to hate us.dammit. anyways today was a really really nice day. it was not a day to be caught inside. i must say i got a really nice tan today. there was a "pool party" today at school and there was free food. cant pass that up. three bands played and they were suprisingly good. my favorite band, unjust cause, and daijobu. the lead guy from my favorite band is in my communications lecture. the lead singer of unjust cause reminded me of the jordan from nfg just shorter, blonde and a better singer. i got the drumsticks from them. they are still in good condition too. he threw them in the pool and when they floated in my direction i got them. nobody got them so i waited. he totally looked like travis barker talked like him too also his sticks were travis barker sticks. the drummer from daijobu looked like tommy lee. so i say tommy lee and travis barker today. i met some cool guys. i didnt get their names but they were pretty cool they let me sit at their table b/c i was all alone. i was pretty much in the sun that whole time. so i got pretty toasted. it was actually fun. it was nice of asi to get garden burgers. nobody ate them really everyone ate the meat ones. i had a garden burger b/c you cant rally get e coli from an undercooked garden burger. it was good. and they gave us free soda and chips. its nice to know where tution is going. that was kinda fun.i got a bunch of demos and flyers. it was just an overall nice day, weatherwise.
i was so looking forward to watching the very first dawsons creek episode but no they had to start bombing baghdad. hey thats a song!
anyway nothing was no today so i just went to the computer. i have a presentation tomorrow. im kinda nervous b/c we are playing by ear and we dont have a script and we didnt formally reherse. so im kinda scared. i hopefully start training this friday..i hope so i can have my show on soon. im thinking about calling mixtape revolution. i dont really know yet.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

"...and the music keeps on playing on and on..."

soon i will be hosting my own internet radio show. its pretty cool b/c its the schools student radio station and it plays over the usu. im really nervous and excited. i start training soon. theres a show at the pool tomorrow so il be there till 2pm. it sounds good three bands and free food. cant beat free food. i have a test in math and go to history tomorrow. ever since i got a c on the paper i dont want to go to that class. it was like sophomore year english when i would do horrilbly on those essys. err.. im going to tel him that i didnt think i deserve a c b/c i feel that i didnt mix up my geography as much as you said i did that i would deserve a c. i stayed on topic and made my point clear and as concise as i could. that is why i want two points. errr....last night i stayed up late to see flogging molly on jimmy kimmel live. it was good. i really dont like how they cut the end b/c they played another song. it looks fun every time they have cool bands come on. its not like the other late night shows at all. the advanced warning show is coming to the beach in april so thats going to be cool. get to see the mooney suzuki for free. lots of things to do this week and lots of emotions ive been having. some good some bad and its only tuesday!

Monday, March 17, 2003

stupid rilo kiley im supposed to be so obsessed with the song "science vs romance" i can listen to that song again and again. its just that good.
"That's not to say,I don't have good times,But as for my days,I spend them waiting"

kinda bummed i got a c on a paper for us history. what i dont understand is that i he said i was on topic and nailed the key inof and i used quotes approiately yet but i did get my regions confused and i overstate so he says so i get a c i think i deserve a low b. i dont understand. he says that if there are problems then write them down. but i cant really read the comments on my paper. so that kinda doesnt help. ah kinda bummed. i dont like being bummed but its just been like that for a while so yeah im used to it. i cant have too many bummed out days its not healthy.
yesterday was cool i had corn beef and cabbage for the first time. its really good. its like my moms boiled meat back home so it feels good when i eat it. i had some today. then i went grocery shopping. i skated there and i got some veggies and jones soda. yum. i even got one with bam margera on the bottle. saturday it rained all day so naturally i didnt do anything. i was on the computer and then i tried to do homework i did some but not all. it turns out that its due on wednesday and my test for history is monday. good times. i should go study of anthro i have a test tomorrow.