Monday, March 17, 2003

"That's not to say,I don't have good times,But as for my days,I spend them waiting"

kinda bummed i got a c on a paper for us history. what i dont understand is that i he said i was on topic and nailed the key inof and i used quotes approiately yet but i did get my regions confused and i overstate so he says so i get a c i think i deserve a low b. i dont understand. he says that if there are problems then write them down. but i cant really read the comments on my paper. so that kinda doesnt help. ah kinda bummed. i dont like being bummed but its just been like that for a while so yeah im used to it. i cant have too many bummed out days its not healthy.
yesterday was cool i had corn beef and cabbage for the first time. its really good. its like my moms boiled meat back home so it feels good when i eat it. i had some today. then i went grocery shopping. i skated there and i got some veggies and jones soda. yum. i even got one with bam margera on the bottle. saturday it rained all day so naturally i didnt do anything. i was on the computer and then i tried to do homework i did some but not all. it turns out that its due on wednesday and my test for history is monday. good times. i should go study of anthro i have a test tomorrow.

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