Saturday, March 15, 2003

"i got you in my heart, i got you you in my head yeah your magic it surrounds me"

it been a good week. the weather was nice. cloudy mornings to sunny afternoons. its nice. lots of things got pushed back like my test in anthro, my hw and test in history. i getting pretty comfortable in long beach. i told my soap eating story. thats a good sign. then i made refrence to the giligans island you know the episode they ate soap and someone actually knew what i was talking about.
i was like cool. it was free food day at mcdonalds. kroq was there giving out stuff. it was so funny when simple plan came on all the girls started singing along. it was so funny. so horrible. i was like oh hell. they also made me sick a kroq sticker on my deck. i was very heisitant but when you have a crowd of people and a guy on a mic telling you to put on a sticker and if you didnt he would chase you down with the truck you kinda have to. it was pretty funny. the sticker came off and it now resides on my computer. then i went around the area then went home. i had a lot on my mind. i found out my dad is leaving in april for afganistan hell be there for four months. thats soo long. i wont be able to see my family for four months. when my sister imed me today she was like did you hear about dad? im like what? i had a million thoughts, like why didnt anyone tell me anything. at first i thought he was sick or something i was so worried. then she told me hes leaving. in a way i was relieved but then i was still upset b/c hes leaving. its like the navy all over again. not like i dont see my dad everyday b/c i dont even if i was home. so i left and skated. skating always clears my mind. time like this i wish i was swimming or surfing. they always help clear my mind.
you know how in tv shows they play just the right song for the character at that moment? i had that feeling. in borders lonley day played. it was kinda fitting.

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