Monday, July 28, 2003

so i didnt do too well on that math test but i still have a good grade in the class. whatever. i missed somthing like 26. thats about half. so i was bummed afterwards then i had tge drive to do better in the next test. i want to go and swim and stuff soon like maybe thursday after another test. i skate around and stuff work on style and stuff.blah blah i turned a tshirt into pj pants. its amazingly comfy i love them. i think i need a haircut but i dont really want to pay for one so i guess ill see how my hair looks all grown out. if i dont feel it then ill cut it myself. yes i want to learn to cut my own hair. but knowing me ill probably be a pussy and have someone else do it. i might save up for a new board or something. i have money from babysitting and nowhere to invest. so im thinking about opening up a savings account.
my neck has been killing me.