Thursday, June 12, 2003

i got my four fillings in today and i think i have two more to go. yeah thats what i get for having a sweet tooth. tomorrow is graduation and i dont know if im going to go. but jesse is having a party so i'll go to that.
dude police academy 4 is on and its in spanish. excellent!
anyways im currently writing a song with the cool keyboard we won from vegas. then my brother will play guitar and i have mario paint and you can make cool music with that too. im going to record it with this fisher price tape recorder that my sisters played with when they were kids. oh yeah the song is for my answering machine.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

my teeth feel nice and clean. umm...i registered for class and got lost in vc. that was pretty funny. todday i woke up early again to see the dentist. its was cool i have to get a shit load of fillings though. meh. then i walked with my dog and my mom. i looks like it might clear up hopefully.

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