Saturday, March 08, 2003

"Taking it all back, thats every word that I said,for every word that you could never get the nerve to say..."\

i had an essay due today so i worked roughly 4 hours writing an concluding paragraph and an intro. stupid solitaire. i can get mean streaks. ah i go to sleep late and wake up early. i was palnning on going to bed early but jason schwartzman was on conan talking baout his new movie spun. i hear its fucked up and stuff so it seems like a good movie. i shuld get more sleep b/c im sick and my head is heavy all the time but i dont. i sleep and nap random parts of the day. like i nap during my break in the usu. like today i didnt want to go to the house so i slept in the usu and then i went to find alexis but i didnt see her so i went home. i found a way to stay awake in my anthro class. i eat. thursday im bringing cheeze its. tuesday i have a test so i have to make a study sheet. hopefully ill catch upon my sleep so i wont be too lazy. i have to do laundry tomorrow too. i went to one of the various wherehouses in the area that are closing down. there was nothing really good left. tomorrow i check out the other one by the laundry mat. there are so many in long beach. ill have a bag full of clothes but whatever! then catch up on some reading. my sister is the best. for my bday she bought me a ticket to see the faint at the glasshouse. i havent even thought of my bday so that was way cool of her to do that. i took some pictures around the city ill eventually put them on the computer.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

"is it true? am i wasting my life on you..."

i was not feel ing to well today. as soon as i got home i got n the comp printed out my homework then took a nap. a nice hour long nap. when i woke up i went to get a drink and i see my landlady cooking. it turns out that the neighbor on the corner died. he was young too he was in his 40s. my landlad made a bunch of food for them. thats really nice of her to do. i had some of the pasta with ranch dressing and sour cream and veggies. it was really good. anytime i dont have to cook dinner is a good thing in my book. the downside was that was at 6ish and now im kinda hungry. the meal wasnt too healthy but it was good. a death kinda makes you think even if i didnt know this person it still makes me know. ive seen this guy once or twice. its just been a weird day.
school was eh.. if i wasnt runnning a fever it would have been fine. im just really sleepy.
become my bitch

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

"they only want you when youre seventeen when your twenty one youre no fun..."

i like having food in my frige when i come to the house. ah good food too. anyways the show was good. vendetta red was goos so was something corporate and steel train. good good times. yeah it was kinda lame b/c even though i was feeling steel train their set time was cut so that was lame b/c there were people who wanted to see them and its only fair right? the quote of the night comes from this girl that was standing next to me. she was wearing a something corporate sweatshirt and when something corporate was playing "konstantine" she asks her friend, "is this juliana theory?" and she was serious. holy shit! shes wearing the damn sweatshirt of the band its expected that you know the band thats playing on stage. i was laughing my head off in my head. serioulsy. overall it was fun good swaying, jumping, pushing, finger pointing, action going down. nothing too serious, it is something corporate and juliana theory afterall. the coolest part is that we were in the back at the beginning, then we moved in the middle by the time vendetta red finished. pretty good pushing action i must say. i was close b.c when andrew stage dove i got to shake his hand. good times. ah yes. i have to see whats up b/c the faint is playing and i want to go and see them in april. i have some money left over from work so im looking forward to using up my hard earned money. too many things to look forward to.
i pick great times to be sick. there is like something in my throat im coughing and i wish i had vicks vapor rub. i have vitamin c but i need vicks so that i can smell the healing power of menthol or whatever healing power i smell. its like a drug. i have a paper to write and its kinda confusing b/c the questions he asked can basically be answered by summarizing the book but we cant do that so im looking at writing it in a modified jane shaffer style. no this "shows that" and stuff. im getting there.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

"I was on the outside trying to find my way back in

Five details about you...
[x] im lactose intolorant but i still drink milk i should invest in soy
[x] i go to long beach state
[x] i live in a house
[x] i dont have a car
[x] i like to sew stuff

Five details about your appearance right now...
[x] i part my bangs to the side now
[x] wearing my pjs (powerpuff girls shirt flower pants)
[x] glasses
[x] sandals
[x] spongebob hanky head band

Five things you did today...
[x] slept
[x] took notes on communications
[x] skimmed anthropology
[x] fired up some good eats
[x] watched alias

Five memorable things you did in the last year...
[x] graduated
[x] slept a whole lot
[x] babysat
[x] got my drivers license
[x] went to disneyland with french club and grandnite *good times*

Five things that everyone should know about you...
[x] im lactose intolorant but i can eat ice cream and enjoy other milk related products just not milk
[x] i like to steal mechanical pencils
[x] i like going to the grocery store just to go and hang out in the coffe aisle to smell the gound coffee goodness
[x] i can assemble a skateboard and grip it
[x] i like to laugh

Five favourite musical groups/musicians...
[x] michael bolton
[x] rod stewart
[x] simon and garfunkel
[x] america
[x] twisted sister

Five favourite songs...
[x] two legit to quit -mc hammer
[x] hello-lyonel richie
[x] Je T'Aime Means I Love you-david hasselhoff
[x] run -flock of seagulls
[x] rico suave-geraldo

Five favourite movies...
[x] mallrats
[x] cq
[x] ghost world
[x] the sandlot
[x] breakfast club
[x] dogtown and z boys (i can add another one)

Five things that make you happy...
[x] candy
[x] music
[x] messages on my answer machine
[x] phone calls from the family
[x] live music

Five people who mean a lot to you...
[x] mom and dad
[x] siblings (des, eid, eddie)
[x] my dog yolis
[x] lola (grandma)
[x] friends

Five things that disgust you...
[x] stupid people
[x] people who leave thier blinkers on after they changed lanes
[x] cake (i will eat it out of respect but thats it)
[x] smokers
[x] PDA

Five things that impress you...
[x] people who remember trivial things
[x] people who are doing what they love even though it means not earning a lot of money
[x] weird talents and creativity
[x] people who lived a full life
[x] people who set goals and accomplish them

Five things that don't impress you...
[x] if you can dance dance the revolution
[x] people who smoke
[x] groupies
[x] stupid people
[x] nice cars

Five things you can't live without...
[x] family
[x] friends
[x] music
[x] light
[x] love

Five things you feel right now...
[x] sleepy
[x] gasy
[x] blah
[x] clean
[x] hopeful

when i have nothing to wirte i ususally fill out those survey things. they kinda pass the time. i enjoyed yesterday my family visited and i went to a show so it was all good. my brother got a ps one its seems pretty cool. i wish i had one. actually i want the game cube.