Wednesday, March 05, 2003

"is it true? am i wasting my life on you..."

i was not feel ing to well today. as soon as i got home i got n the comp printed out my homework then took a nap. a nice hour long nap. when i woke up i went to get a drink and i see my landlady cooking. it turns out that the neighbor on the corner died. he was young too he was in his 40s. my landlad made a bunch of food for them. thats really nice of her to do. i had some of the pasta with ranch dressing and sour cream and veggies. it was really good. anytime i dont have to cook dinner is a good thing in my book. the downside was that was at 6ish and now im kinda hungry. the meal wasnt too healthy but it was good. a death kinda makes you think even if i didnt know this person it still makes me know. ive seen this guy once or twice. its just been a weird day.
school was eh.. if i wasnt runnning a fever it would have been fine. im just really sleepy.

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