Thursday, September 09, 2010

chose your own adventure

i choose b!

bigger and better things in the future! On to the the next one I suppose!

In other adventures in suburb living, while exploring the lake forest bar scene we stumble upon the Iron Mule.  You can smoke inside, they have digital shuffleboard and three pool tables.  The PBRs are $3 pint (ROBBERY) and YOU CAN SMOKE INSIDE!! what???? So then I look up the laws in California regarding smoking and law states that you can be exempt from the law if you have less than 5 employees.  BOOM.  Here I was ready to blow the whistle on this law breaking facility, and I find the loophole.  Bummer City fo sho!  I mean the bar was promising.  Iron Maiden writing on the door, it was next to an El Pollo Loco.  It has a lot going for it, top 40 music blaring from the digital jukebox and digital shuffleboard.