Friday, February 12, 2010

opening cermony semi-live blogging

908pm oh shit mounties! thanks for the useless information bob "big dick"costas. is that matt lauer? yes. shit. i know where in the world matt lauer is.

909pm "oh canada" is this canadian miley cyrus? oh shit french canadian! nice lip sync. NAWT!

912pm hahaha fake wind, almost totes forgot they are inside.

914 6 minutes till parade of nations. tite! ooooo native canadians! tite! bah they're moving! tite! why am i not high? oh hay, there wolf head. shut up costas!

920 thanks for that run down on how the parade of nations works.

922 intimate and personal, that's like the 5th time. oh hay albania flag holder! go algeria! and one person!

923 costas, damn cut the shit! i swear that is the same shit he repeats every olympics. same goes to you lauer.

928 bermuda, snaps for the shorts. fashion rundown to follow

929 costas just said gringos! tite!


the bf is in the v'couver and i am nothing but jealous. shoulda, woulda, coulda i guess.

there is too much going on and so much to keep up with. olympics and ny fashion week.

i'm here is portland making jewlery. jealous yet?

wah wah.....