Thursday, December 18, 2003

so i have one more final at 8am on friday. i'm excited. it's gonna suck b/c everyone is leaving on friday and i'm leaving on saturday. i have a friday to do nothing. good times yeah. i guess it gives me time to pack on contemplate my days.

its been fun yeah in long beach? i had a good times this semester. my classes were good. i don't think i did too well in my sewing class. i got a c on my shirt and a b on my skirt. oh well. i think i did good on my final. i hope. that's really the only class i worry about but i really enjoyed that class. but i'll forget come friday. posc was super fun like whoa. ringel is awesome. the radio show was a cool experience. met some cool people this semester like justin who i might see this sunday and cheer on the csulb surf team and the whole seamster crew and then people in posc and then in english and the random characters in the dorms. good times. and yesterday topped the semester. serioulsy. good times.

Monday, December 15, 2003

i saw him again today and it seriously kills me. it hurts so much. i don't know why.
but i don't have any finals till thursday and i'm teaching my friend to crochet. me and anissa should start a class or something.
♥ sigh