Wednesday, March 04, 2009

And you won't fail with me around

recently i've been into painting my nails. it really calms me down. I think i've changed colors three times in the past two weeks. i've settled on a dark blue, for now.

what is amazing is that for about 19 - 20 years i was a nail biter. it is pretty intense how low i can bite them. i tried to grow them out only to bite them. the only thing to stop me was nail polish. i don't know why i bite my nails. i've always thought it was gross and not lady like. but nobody stopped me so i continued to bite away. i've grown up and i haven't bitten my nails for 4 years. i'm pretty proud of myself. credit should be given when credit is due. thanks shane for helping break the horrid habit.

to other things great. did you know that i love karl lagerfeld?

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