Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Not a Cookie.

Inspired by the new book I received for my birthday and that Shane was out at Big 4 with the Boys, I had decided to try to make french macarons.  I've read the "first time horror stories" on assorted blogs and sort of psyched myself out of making them for the past year. But with my new book in hand, a kitchen scale and a borrowed hand mixer from Ms. Melis I felt my time has come. I followed every measurement, every instruction and went with my instinct and here is the end result: 

I would sneak peeks of them while they were in the oven and I got really giddy when I saw the pieds or feet. 

I did hit a sort of brick wall when it came to making the buttercream.  I followed the book and my cream always came out gross looking!  So I went online and found a video and much easier recipe. I added a little vanilla extract and some boysenberry jam. I also don't have pastry/piping bags and so I did it ghetto style with a Target brand zip top bag, because that is how I roll.

So here it is a vanilla and lavender french macaron with a boysenberry buttercream, made by me for you.