Sunday, February 13, 2005

it's been a long while. school has been cool. i have a lot of stuff to do. like the fashion show. i've been having a lot of dreams about it. one of them was that the fashion show was the next day and i didnt have anything made. yeah i woke up in a cold sweat. i was very freaked out. i've been working. not a lot but enough to get some money to buy things of no importance. i went to urban outfitters today and i got some shirts for five dollars each and i got a track jacket for 10 dollars. i totally made out at that store.
in other news my radio show is back on the internet air waves. same bat time, same bat channel. tuesdays and thursdays 6-7pm. it's sad b/c i'm by myself most of the time.
tomorrow is vd and i have to work so like years before i have nothing planned. i have to do some sewing for school. hopefully i will have my slopers done by tuesday. that is the plan. i'm also very excited that i don have to go to my ready to wear analysis and professional apparel selection class this week. i's very exciting. i'm kinda bummed out that i don't get to go to MAGIC(men's apparel guild in california) it's a trade show in las vegas. i want to go to a trade show. i guess there is always next year.