Thursday, September 25, 2003

again snaked from mieko's blog

ten dvd's you own:
01. Dogtown
02. Blue Crush
03. Tony Hawk tour 2001
04. Tony Hawk tour 2000
05. and soon tony hawk tour 2002
that's all i own.

last two movies you have seen in the theatres:
01. finding nemo
02. the real cancun

two recent movies you want to see:
01. lost in translation
02. pirates of the caribbean

three dvd's you need to buy:
01. complete family guy
02. Mallrats
03. complete season of clerks the cartoon

three bands/musicians you have seen in concert:
01. andrew w.k yeah you're so jealous
02. mooney suzuki
03. talib kweli

name all of the states you have been in:
california, new york, maryland

Top five places you'd like to live:
01. sydney
02. huntington beach
03. san clemente
04. tahiti
05. oxnard

top three dream jobs:
01. working for the coolest clothing company ever!
02. working for some cool clothing company
03. my own clothing line

five stores you could spend a million dollars at:
01. hss
02. whitesands
03. paul frank store
04. volcom store
05. bristol farms <3 groceries

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

i think im getting sick. dammit. so im on the water treatment and im about to take a half a motrin and pass out. tomorrow ill be taking some cold medicine and eating food my mom made for me to feel better