Thursday, April 24, 2003

look at the summer day the sun is rising once again...

awww...i just saw the series finale of sabrina the teenage witch. it was sweet. she was going to marry aaron but hes soul star didnt fit with hers and she wasnt feeling it so she didnt marry him. and then harvey was outside and he had his soul star and it fit with sabrinas and they rode off together. it was sweet.
my day was cool. i went to the radio station and uploaded my assigned cds. some were cool. like i had the new cave in, and the new vaux cd. i so wanted a copy. the music libraby is very extensive very cool. it was funny b/c right outside the station was so gaming tour like you get to play all the new games and stuff. oh man the crowd was hilarious b/c its the people i see in the arcade. i heard a funny story too. during club week the anime club had a ddr set up and karaoke and they were all gung ho about it too. the was she told the stroy was funny i guess. anyways i got to know the station people more and they are all awesome. ray calls me E.I thats funny b/c i think one other person called me that. so i cant wait to start.
in my anthro class some guy was wearing a trogdor shirt. i was like "thats an awesome shirt!"
fuck im getting sick....

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

lets keep the moon awake

im pissed at math but whats new? anyways my paper is postponed to monday b.c professor lawler isnt going be there on friday. that put the biggest smile on my face. not only that, but literally half of the class showed up so half of the class is going to show up and nobody will be there. hahahaha. its an 8am class. so its going to be hilarious. no stress till sunday. so friday i think im going down to the station. like at 10ish. tomorrow i get to see the station music library and upload 10 cds. fun times. my sister is going into radio up in norcal.
i hate ants. they are infesting the kitchen. i cleaned it today but they still came back. little fuckers. i didnt eat big today. i had a fish buritto for lunch which was at 2pm so come dinner i was not hungry. i just had some potatoes. i wanted another grande veggie buritto. i dont feel to good today but i can live with it.
math was hilarious. not only is my professon crazy, there was scene in class today that was something from jenny jones. appaerntly she felt that she deserved two points and that the TAs cheated her of it. she got a 29/100 on the test but this is a credit/no credit class and two points could mean a lot. i dont know was funny b.c it was really nothing and the TAs were willing to give her the points but no she made a scene. it was great.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

"just like a dream you crept into my head"


dammit i hate writing essays all i have is removal of the Native Americans was necessary for the expansion of the United States
thats my thesis. so now i have to some up with other stuff to write. now thats the part i dont like. err. have to do this.
i love my landlady more and more everyday. today the bathroom was painted. i thought the paint was dry and so i take a shower and it starts to crack and peel and stuff. so i tell her expecting that i would have to repaint the bathroom. she tells me not to worry. and that its ok. geeze if this was my mom, she would be so pissed at me and make me repaint the shower but no she was like dont worry. she also told me that she was going to invite us to go to vegas. it was a two night trip for only $20. i probably would go if it was saturday but i have school and such. she is awesome. thats all i have to say.
im not a big fan of tuesday b.c i dont really talk to anyone. it was a pretty lonely day. oh yeah no battle of the bands today i think.
i had another alias dream thats number two. i guess b/c it wasnt on sunday.
I scored a 43% on the "HoW FiliPiNo ArE yOU?" Quizie! What about you?

damn i suck. what then hell im more filipino than rocks in the mother land. geeze.

Monday, April 21, 2003

"you're a bad-hearted boy {girl} trap, baby doll but you're're so damn hot"

i dont know but for some reason i feel like freestyle walking. there is a skate park at el dorado park but i have no one to go with. maybe ill go freestyle walk in the empty pool with no transition in my backyard. yeah its gonna be fun especially b/c there is mud and water from the last rain collected at the bottom. yeah i think i will. anyone want to join? anyways i have a paper due on friday. i should really start thinking about it. first i should read the book. i think im going to power skim. anyways the half that i read has all the info i need anyways. i should start tomorrow. at least by tonight ill have a thesis. yeah thats the plan a thesis. tomorrow is the battle of the band. its four bands and its going to be at the nugget so i guess ill be there tomorrow. it kinda sucks i think they should have devoted one day instead of three hours. whatever. everytime i feel down my landlady always make me feel better and she doesnt even know it. when i got home she asked if i wanted to go to el cilantro to get lunch. i love that resturant so of course. this time i got the grande veggie buritto. oh man. its grande! its super heavy and it tastes so good. i always manage to bite the wrong end. i dont know if you can say there is a right or wrong end to eat a buritto but as i got towards the end i found the salsa my buritto was dripping. i fugure if i ate the other side first the salsa would have filtered its way to the bottom but no i bit the wrong end. throwing off the whole "system." she was even going to let me keep the $5 change but she took it back and saved it for the next time we eat out at the fish tail. my landlady treats me so well. like yesterday she was going to invite me to a family gathering. thats gotta be a good sign. when ever i think about moving out she does something inadvertantly to make me stay. look at this all this energy i put put to writing a entry i could have used it to power skim or to think of a thesis. blah...this book is called "a long bitter trail" seriously reading it is a long bitter trail. at least i got to the part that i needed.
i love my swatch watch but dammit is so fucking loud. my other watch is great it has the date and everything and its quiet but this one if my room is silent like when im about to go to sleep i can hear the tick tick tick of the fucking second hand. ah i dont know why this is killing me.
everyone and there cousins fucking uncle went to vegas for spring break. i guess people in long beach state just think alike. how sad.
i want to throw eggs at these girls that hang out in the usu on tuesdays and thursdays and the girl who has the annyoing voice. and this guy in my history class that talks to much. yeah bonzai!

Sunday, April 20, 2003

"its too soon to say goodbye..."

spring break is over. that sucks. its basically 4 weeks to go then schools out. i have to do some major stuff. i have 2 essays and one presentation and then finals. that sucks. i have one essay due on friday and i have read half of the book which is good i guess. i have to read the other half tomorrow. enough of school just thinking about it stresses me out.
spring break was great. i got lots of rest. that was the best part. i watch a lot of tv. my favorite show by far was monster garage. mtv shows punk'd too many times in a day. i saw high school dismissed. i didnt get to throw eggs at anyone. that bummed me out. i hung out with jesse and stephanie and david and joel and jessica. ate lots of food. i got a coffee grinder and a bunch of coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans. got some cool shirts. a sushi in a box kit and a cool watch. my starting line cd book signed, i saw kelly osbourne and talked to drunk people. you might look at me and say your spring break sucked. but i had a good time.
back to long beach. i stayed home today trying to read my book but i have a really short attention span and i started to talk to people online or i went and looked for something to eat or i watched tv. im kinda mad b.c alias isnt on this week. it was the ten comandments but its tradition. i guess i can wait. i just had a funny thought. you know how the jennifer lopez video is all flashdance like? what if her favorite movie was the sound of would be a totally different video. it would probably be better than the one out now....not really. i think that has to be the crappiest video out there right now. man i love the sound of music. its my moms favorite movie and she used to watch it a lot when i was a kid. i mean one of my sisters name was influenced by one of the songs.
anyways i think there is a caramel chocolate lifesavers soft cream saver with my name on it...
finally uploaded some pictures go and check them out its in the link called "pictures"