Thursday, April 24, 2003

look at the summer day the sun is rising once again...

awww...i just saw the series finale of sabrina the teenage witch. it was sweet. she was going to marry aaron but hes soul star didnt fit with hers and she wasnt feeling it so she didnt marry him. and then harvey was outside and he had his soul star and it fit with sabrinas and they rode off together. it was sweet.
my day was cool. i went to the radio station and uploaded my assigned cds. some were cool. like i had the new cave in, and the new vaux cd. i so wanted a copy. the music libraby is very extensive very cool. it was funny b/c right outside the station was so gaming tour like you get to play all the new games and stuff. oh man the crowd was hilarious b/c its the people i see in the arcade. i heard a funny story too. during club week the anime club had a ddr set up and karaoke and they were all gung ho about it too. the was she told the stroy was funny i guess. anyways i got to know the station people more and they are all awesome. ray calls me E.I thats funny b/c i think one other person called me that. so i cant wait to start.
in my anthro class some guy was wearing a trogdor shirt. i was like "thats an awesome shirt!"
fuck im getting sick....

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