Wednesday, April 23, 2003

lets keep the moon awake

im pissed at math but whats new? anyways my paper is postponed to monday b.c professor lawler isnt going be there on friday. that put the biggest smile on my face. not only that, but literally half of the class showed up so half of the class is going to show up and nobody will be there. hahahaha. its an 8am class. so its going to be hilarious. no stress till sunday. so friday i think im going down to the station. like at 10ish. tomorrow i get to see the station music library and upload 10 cds. fun times. my sister is going into radio up in norcal.
i hate ants. they are infesting the kitchen. i cleaned it today but they still came back. little fuckers. i didnt eat big today. i had a fish buritto for lunch which was at 2pm so come dinner i was not hungry. i just had some potatoes. i wanted another grande veggie buritto. i dont feel to good today but i can live with it.
math was hilarious. not only is my professon crazy, there was scene in class today that was something from jenny jones. appaerntly she felt that she deserved two points and that the TAs cheated her of it. she got a 29/100 on the test but this is a credit/no credit class and two points could mean a lot. i dont know was funny b.c it was really nothing and the TAs were willing to give her the points but no she made a scene. it was great.

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