Monday, April 21, 2003

"you're a bad-hearted boy {girl} trap, baby doll but you're're so damn hot"

i dont know but for some reason i feel like freestyle walking. there is a skate park at el dorado park but i have no one to go with. maybe ill go freestyle walk in the empty pool with no transition in my backyard. yeah its gonna be fun especially b/c there is mud and water from the last rain collected at the bottom. yeah i think i will. anyone want to join? anyways i have a paper due on friday. i should really start thinking about it. first i should read the book. i think im going to power skim. anyways the half that i read has all the info i need anyways. i should start tomorrow. at least by tonight ill have a thesis. yeah thats the plan a thesis. tomorrow is the battle of the band. its four bands and its going to be at the nugget so i guess ill be there tomorrow. it kinda sucks i think they should have devoted one day instead of three hours. whatever. everytime i feel down my landlady always make me feel better and she doesnt even know it. when i got home she asked if i wanted to go to el cilantro to get lunch. i love that resturant so of course. this time i got the grande veggie buritto. oh man. its grande! its super heavy and it tastes so good. i always manage to bite the wrong end. i dont know if you can say there is a right or wrong end to eat a buritto but as i got towards the end i found the salsa my buritto was dripping. i fugure if i ate the other side first the salsa would have filtered its way to the bottom but no i bit the wrong end. throwing off the whole "system." she was even going to let me keep the $5 change but she took it back and saved it for the next time we eat out at the fish tail. my landlady treats me so well. like yesterday she was going to invite me to a family gathering. thats gotta be a good sign. when ever i think about moving out she does something inadvertantly to make me stay. look at this all this energy i put put to writing a entry i could have used it to power skim or to think of a thesis. blah...this book is called "a long bitter trail" seriously reading it is a long bitter trail. at least i got to the part that i needed.
i love my swatch watch but dammit is so fucking loud. my other watch is great it has the date and everything and its quiet but this one if my room is silent like when im about to go to sleep i can hear the tick tick tick of the fucking second hand. ah i dont know why this is killing me.
everyone and there cousins fucking uncle went to vegas for spring break. i guess people in long beach state just think alike. how sad.
i want to throw eggs at these girls that hang out in the usu on tuesdays and thursdays and the girl who has the annyoing voice. and this guy in my history class that talks to much. yeah bonzai!

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