Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i had the most vivid dream to date. i was at the apartment with dana and anissa and there were people over. most of them i didn't know, but in my dream they were all my friends. so we were all sitting around and out of the blue, madagascar cockroaches pop out of every corner and ants. ants all over the place. karry davis was in my dream too. i miss that girl. anyways, ants and cockroaches all over the place. there was a cockroach and spider wrestling match too. i had bets going on the spider. anissa was killing them left and right and dana ran out. i was about to start mopping the floor with the swiffer but then i woke up.

i can't believe i woke up when i was about to do the thing i enjoy the most, swiffering the floor. anyways. i think i had that dream b/c anissa was telling me how the kitchen was infested with ants yesterday.

i went to fabric well and scored on the brown vinyl and i found a swatch of fabric that looks like the purse i got but its blue. it's so rad, i'm gonna frame it.
i haven't been doing much. i made a tie and working on a wallet. i bought about a yard of brown vinyl and new needles for my machine. i'm super bored. i need a job real fast. i need money. i want to go on bike rides.

i love my puppy. he knows me so well.