Monday, August 25, 2003

school starts in a week. it's kinda sad. i like it at home. it's a stress free environment. but in a way i'm kinda excited to go.

i got a new friend. it's a betta fish i named him rocky rose the IX. he's always pissed at jordan earl but i guess that's his nature.

this summer kinda wasn't good heapth wise. in the beginning i had some type of food poisoning or stomach bug and a random act of strep throat.

Strep throat is more common during the colder months when people are inside together for longer periods of time and infections can be passed from person to person more easily.

The more cases of strep throat in the community, the more chances a person has of being exposed to a strep infection. This increases the chances that a sore throat is caused by strep infection
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funny b/c i don't know anyone who had strep and i was basicaly inside all week. oh well.