Saturday, April 05, 2003

i remembered something funny from yesterday. in the break between the raveonettes and mooney suzuki, they people from the radio station came up and they were like yeah if you can name the title of the new dj krush cd you can get the signed vynil. the crowd was like what the fuck?! seriously they were asking the wrong crowd to name a dj krush album. nobody answered and they gave her a hard time for it. also the song of the day was fuck the police. we were singing it all day and then at the end of the show we wanted a encore but they said the police said no.
"In a young man's mind/it's a simple world/there's a little room for music/and the rest is girls"

holy shit! ok great day to start. history was ok. and then i get a good nap at the student union then i go home and rest. at around three i hang out with annisa at school. we were looking for people in our university 100 class but we failed b/c the school was empty. like really...empty. so wer walk around. so there is this crack that most of us all fight to walk through, well we faught with the mooney suzuki! yes it was great and fun. but i didnt ask them for a picture. dammit! oh well. then i see longwave and then we take a piture with them. they were really nice. then while light motorcade come on. they were good, not great but ok. then the raveonettes. they were awesome. i loved her skirt. they were so good. then the mooney suzuki. oh my goodness. what can i say. they were awesome. so good. so so good. everything i imagined it to be and better. so much goodness. it was just so great. i was singing and dancing and clapping. there was an energy. they have a personality like the hives. i cant say it enough it was great. they guys next to me were cool too. i got tons of pictures and ill have those up soon. and i got lots of free stuff and a shirt. i forgot to go to the bank so i only had $15 dollars. sucked b/c i wanted a longwave cd. oh well. i have to go to the bank tomorrow get some $$. im a poor kid.
it was cool b/c all the djs had backstage passes. but all failed to utilize the brnifits. like me i would have gone for the free food. good free food. special thanks to anissa for coming with me and dana for driving me home. good times.
it was funny b/c there were so many skinny kids. the turnout was good. not great but good.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

have you ever had a song haunt you? you know like haunt you. like you hear it once then it just follows you? you dont know who the artist or band is but it just follows you?
so im watching scrubs a while back for the first time in forever and this song plays. i mean it was an alright song kinda sad. it kinda stuck in my head. then like a week later i watch conan and who what song do i hear? that same song that was on scrubs. this time i know what the song was and who did it. it was come around by rhett miller. then on tuesday im looking through the free bin in the radio station put out and what cd do i pull out? rhett miller.
heres an interesting site that i found...its pretty fun
fun times
"cause we find ourselves in the same old mess singing drunken lullabies"

i am very excited the mooney suzuki and the ravenettes are coming tomorrow. i got my ticket and everything. the crappy part is that im going to be going alone and taking the bus back home like at 10 i dont think the show will be over by then but yeah. its going to suck. especially the part about going home alone on the bus. i started the first part of my training at the station. basically reading the book and such. next week i start doing stuff. there are a lot of rules and such and then the fcc and then cjm.a lot to keep in mind. i have one listerner. he was cool and said he would listen to my show. i thought that was nice of him. i think elimidate is on...

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

"And what will you do when your suntan is fading and the summer's gone? "

sunday i went to church and got a ride back to the lbc with carl. (thanks again) it was hot there and it was a gross hot too. i dont like it. it was hot inside the house and especially in my room. i wasnt really planning on doing anything on monday but then anissa invited me to go to the beach. who would pass up an opportunity to go to the beach especially huntington beach? not me thats for sure. it was fun. thanks to wendy, veronica, annisa, and dana. i had fun and sorry if i misspelled any of your names.i didnt go in the ocean b/c i didnt have my suit. i mean i did but its for the pool not the ocean. so i used the bottom and wore a tank. i probably looked stupid but hey. we built a sand castle and planned to invade every other castle and then tax them but that didnt happen. it was a really nice day. every time i go to huntington i want to stay and live there. i love it there. so its huntington beach, costa mesa, san clemente or carlsbad are the places i want to live. it all depends on what happens.
today was cool. i got my ticket to the advanced warning tour. it was free its just that i have to get a ticket. then i got some free cds. and a longwave poster. i met the guy at the radio station and start my training on thursday. im excited. i have a bunch of tests and reading to do. err... and i got most of my registration holds lifted. im planning on taking some summer classes in ventura. mainly math and english. i hate thinking about registration i get anxiety attacks. i dont know why. i dont know what im scared of i hate thinking about it so ill stop there.
it was april fools day its probably the only day i dont say the words april fools. i think this year is probably going to be a crappy bday. i dont get pansit, or a carvel ice cream fashioned in the shape of a cake and im alone. i guess thats the crappy part. i hate being alone some times i dont know what ill do. maybe ill stick a candle in one of the cookies and milky way and then blow it out. i hate growing up.
waiting for spring break...

Sunday, March 30, 2003

"Said I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war, If you can tell me something worth fighting for"

my parents came to pick me up at around 11ish. it was nice going home. i havent been home since january, so it was fun. i went grocery shopping with my mom. that was a fun. i got so much food i dont think ill go hungry for like two months. i also tried the cookies and milky way bars, they are the greatest. i dont have to go to the store for a while. out with charice to jesses house, lisa, paul, and linda eventually came over. it was fun watching tv and eating. then we went to the park and swung on the swings. i lost my hankerchief. it was fun. today i went to the mall. i got some new shoes and flip flops. they are the most comfortable flip flops i have ever worn. the cheap ones were comfortable too. thats really rare. they are etnies sandals at white sands. the $9.99 were nice but there were none in my size so my sister got me the nice ones. it was my bday gift. i got the rowley xlt from the vans store. usually shoes stick out and yell at me "buy me you idiot" but today it was like blah. nothing special. i really wanted the bam v2 or the sumner but i cold not find them.
the mall is a strange place. since when did rockabilly guys start working at gnc? it was the strangest sight. i saw the diary of tony hawk and and my sister bought oceans 11.
my brother got this pamphlet from the church about dating, its pretty funny. there are pictures of the male and female signs and they are "dating." the phamplet says: "respect you dadt as a person- not something for you satisfaction. no passionate petting no genital sext activites these belong in the marriage. date for mental, emotional and spirtual companitonship then in marriage your genital sharing will reflect these." umm...."genital sharing"? thats new. i never heard sex called that. it actually paints a very visual picture that is not nice. in the donts it says no pick ups, parking, pot, pills, petting, porn-in any form, prolonged privacy, and places that invite trouble. what i say to that it that i dont know trouble weve never met so im not worrying.