Tuesday, April 01, 2003

"And what will you do when your suntan is fading and the summer's gone? "

sunday i went to church and got a ride back to the lbc with carl. (thanks again) it was hot there and it was a gross hot too. i dont like it. it was hot inside the house and especially in my room. i wasnt really planning on doing anything on monday but then anissa invited me to go to the beach. who would pass up an opportunity to go to the beach especially huntington beach? not me thats for sure. it was fun. thanks to wendy, veronica, annisa, and dana. i had fun and sorry if i misspelled any of your names.i didnt go in the ocean b/c i didnt have my suit. i mean i did but its for the pool not the ocean. so i used the bottom and wore a tank. i probably looked stupid but hey. we built a sand castle and planned to invade every other castle and then tax them but that didnt happen. it was a really nice day. every time i go to huntington i want to stay and live there. i love it there. so its huntington beach, costa mesa, san clemente or carlsbad are the places i want to live. it all depends on what happens.
today was cool. i got my ticket to the advanced warning tour. it was free its just that i have to get a ticket. then i got some free cds. and a longwave poster. i met the guy at the radio station and start my training on thursday. im excited. i have a bunch of tests and reading to do. err... and i got most of my registration holds lifted. im planning on taking some summer classes in ventura. mainly math and english. i hate thinking about registration i get anxiety attacks. i dont know why. i dont know what im scared of i hate thinking about it so ill stop there.
it was april fools day its probably the only day i dont say the words april fools. i think this year is probably going to be a crappy bday. i dont get pansit, or a carvel ice cream fashioned in the shape of a cake and im alone. i guess thats the crappy part. i hate being alone some times i dont know what ill do. maybe ill stick a candle in one of the cookies and milky way and then blow it out. i hate growing up.
waiting for spring break...

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