Saturday, April 05, 2003

"In a young man's mind/it's a simple world/there's a little room for music/and the rest is girls"

holy shit! ok great day to start. history was ok. and then i get a good nap at the student union then i go home and rest. at around three i hang out with annisa at school. we were looking for people in our university 100 class but we failed b/c the school was empty. like really...empty. so wer walk around. so there is this crack that most of us all fight to walk through, well we faught with the mooney suzuki! yes it was great and fun. but i didnt ask them for a picture. dammit! oh well. then i see longwave and then we take a piture with them. they were really nice. then while light motorcade come on. they were good, not great but ok. then the raveonettes. they were awesome. i loved her skirt. they were so good. then the mooney suzuki. oh my goodness. what can i say. they were awesome. so good. so so good. everything i imagined it to be and better. so much goodness. it was just so great. i was singing and dancing and clapping. there was an energy. they have a personality like the hives. i cant say it enough it was great. they guys next to me were cool too. i got tons of pictures and ill have those up soon. and i got lots of free stuff and a shirt. i forgot to go to the bank so i only had $15 dollars. sucked b/c i wanted a longwave cd. oh well. i have to go to the bank tomorrow get some $$. im a poor kid.
it was cool b/c all the djs had backstage passes. but all failed to utilize the brnifits. like me i would have gone for the free food. good free food. special thanks to anissa for coming with me and dana for driving me home. good times.
it was funny b/c there were so many skinny kids. the turnout was good. not great but good.

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