Wednesday, May 19, 2004

since it is that time of the year it's time to go into the summer plans b/c really who wants to study for math? i sure as hell don't.

so memorial day hang out the with the ladies and be old. yay! i want to get some sewing done. i want to get a job too. i hope the dining hall calls me b/c i need the money.

summer plans:
eat food
watch tv
get a job
pay rent
decorate my room
make shirts
sew an apron
make pj pants
go to san fransisco and visit the sister
warped tour(s)
learn to skim board again

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

finals have been ok. i have one more final i have to worry about and then math and then it's back to oxnard.
thinking about having a dinner party at the sluttt hut. i don't know. jon has frozen shrimp...oh the possibliities. you know those appitizer zuchinni? i was going to make some b/c i had eggs but i didnt have flour or the bread crumbs. oh well. i'm so ready to cook for anyone who comes and stays. i'm also going to learn some stuff over summer.

i want to work at the closet in huntington beach on main but i'm not trendy/scene enough to work there..but i can be, but would i want to do that?