Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 105: The Hives, the last day of my Swedish weekend.

Extra credit

Under the jersey I wore a plaid shirt, AKA my best impression of a Canadian. 

Me + these boys all season.  300 level warriors for life. 

As a fan of fashion and hockey, I had to keep things cute and paint my nails accordingly and put a bow on it!

 Whoa! There was fire and shit!

Too much sexy stretching for me to handle but I'm so glad I was at the glass for warmups. I hate the Canucks. But the actual fans were pretty nice.  A little too nice....

 All the excitement of last night made me lose an octave of my voice.  Currently speaking like Barry White and daydreaming of seeing the Rapture and the Hives tonight, thus concluding my 4 day Swedish holiday and my fauxchella.