Friday, April 11, 2003

happy happy birthday happy birthday carl!!!

its nice being home. ill have some pictures up soon. ill link them as soon as i get them up.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

"give a little time for the child within you dont be afraid to be young and free"

after the test in comm i could start to feel my brain melting. my brain is on spring break sipping a pina colada and munching on swedish fish. so i come home early today which was a plus, i go to my room and there is a package leaning on the door. its from charice. so i open it and there are the some bad ass monkey socks, a package or swedish fish, a spongebob card and a mix cd. i feel so loved. THANK YOU SO MUCH! really it was my high of the day. my low was talking a test. im going back to the nard tomorrow so if you in the area give me a call or im me. i wanted to go to the beach but apparently its going to rain. whatever that means. anyways i went to the station to further my training in the production studio. i worked on how to make promos and ray was cool and gave me a longwave cd which i love. also i met the general manager of the station. she is cool. she asked me if i went to the cmj show and b/c i did i scored cool points with the gm b/c she worked hard to get the show at the school and shes glad to hear that someone was excited for the show. woo. making promos was pretty easy. its scarry b/c its a global internet radio station and there is a web cam. so not only can you hear my crap ass voice but you can see me pick my nose. when i have a definate time and day ill make sure to share. i also get to make flyers and put them up in school b/c the radio show brocasts at the nugget and the usu. so everyone can hear my shit voice.
plans for spring break:
read "a long bitter trail"
watch tv
go to the beach

have fun get wasted. basically do all the things that i didnt do on my bday b/c im a big lame.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

"Shit Piss Fuck Cunt Cocksucker"

so apparently thats a song by blink 182 and its basically the words you cant say on the radio. also tit but you can say it like once or twice, dick in terms of the penis but you can say "oh that guy's a dick", fuck in any way shape or form, or pussy in the context of a vagina but you can say "oh that guy's a pussy" but i can say ass freeley thank goodness. i love that word. i think you might be able to say piss. i went into the station for my formal training. i have to do some other stuff and then ill have a show. i kinda didnt do too well on the little test but i dont take directions too well i have to actually see it. good thing i have to go to two sit ins. i get to watch and stuff so ill better understand the way things work. i kinda do but if i were to start my show tomorrow i wouldnt be too sure. i have to start with the songs in the library then i need things to talk about.
im kinda pissed b/c i guess i didnt study enough b.c i think i didnt do to well on my anthro test. i knew everything on the study guide but when the test came, i second guessed myself many times and i think it made me do bad.err...oh well i know i HAVE to do well on the final. i hate that we had a big study guide and she says whats on the sudy guide is on the test but then you take the test and the things you focused on more arent on the test.i hate that! right now im "studying" for communications but my attention is fleeting. seriously professors shouldnt test the week before or the week after spring break. yeah i dont have any desire to study at all. but i must! the person who made the study guide for comm was on crack. seriously everything is mixed up spelled wrong and does not go buy what the professor said was going to be on the test. oh well ill still study it or at least try to.
quote of the day " im going to go to the salon and get my hair did" serioulsy someone said that in conversation like it normal english.
i had a dream that my dog poochie came back to life. it was pretty funny. b/c it she was real pretty but i dont remember her being brown or fluffy but i called her poochie and i said poochie came back to life? its was like woah.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

"But if you're scared You don't have to be Because the ending is so pretty"

you know how in tv shows and movies there is a scene like when the character is pleasantly suprised to find something on the table waiting for them find. you know? well today was pretty uneventful and so i go out to the kitchen to prepare my dinner and sitting on the table is a cupcake it had happy birthday ribbon and such. it kinda made me well up inside. i dont know why. it was from my landlady and it was just such a nice gesture it caught me off guard. she also gave me a sweatshirt. pretty much my family called and then i got some cool ims. charisse awesome as always thanks so much. and then to joel and loanly. its been pretty quiet. i basically made study sheets for the two test this week. also on tuesday i start my training. so ill have my show hopefully sometime after easter. i cant wait for this week to end i get to home on friday.