Sunday, April 06, 2003

"But if you're scared You don't have to be Because the ending is so pretty"

you know how in tv shows and movies there is a scene like when the character is pleasantly suprised to find something on the table waiting for them find. you know? well today was pretty uneventful and so i go out to the kitchen to prepare my dinner and sitting on the table is a cupcake it had happy birthday ribbon and such. it kinda made me well up inside. i dont know why. it was from my landlady and it was just such a nice gesture it caught me off guard. she also gave me a sweatshirt. pretty much my family called and then i got some cool ims. charisse awesome as always thanks so much. and then to joel and loanly. its been pretty quiet. i basically made study sheets for the two test this week. also on tuesday i start my training. so ill have my show hopefully sometime after easter. i cant wait for this week to end i get to home on friday.

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