Thursday, April 10, 2003

"give a little time for the child within you dont be afraid to be young and free"

after the test in comm i could start to feel my brain melting. my brain is on spring break sipping a pina colada and munching on swedish fish. so i come home early today which was a plus, i go to my room and there is a package leaning on the door. its from charice. so i open it and there are the some bad ass monkey socks, a package or swedish fish, a spongebob card and a mix cd. i feel so loved. THANK YOU SO MUCH! really it was my high of the day. my low was talking a test. im going back to the nard tomorrow so if you in the area give me a call or im me. i wanted to go to the beach but apparently its going to rain. whatever that means. anyways i went to the station to further my training in the production studio. i worked on how to make promos and ray was cool and gave me a longwave cd which i love. also i met the general manager of the station. she is cool. she asked me if i went to the cmj show and b/c i did i scored cool points with the gm b/c she worked hard to get the show at the school and shes glad to hear that someone was excited for the show. woo. making promos was pretty easy. its scarry b/c its a global internet radio station and there is a web cam. so not only can you hear my crap ass voice but you can see me pick my nose. when i have a definate time and day ill make sure to share. i also get to make flyers and put them up in school b/c the radio show brocasts at the nugget and the usu. so everyone can hear my shit voice.
plans for spring break:
read "a long bitter trail"
watch tv
go to the beach

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