Wednesday, June 24, 2009

welcome to the oc bitch.

so i watched the oc and was very disturbed. i heard the song wonderwall, but it wasn't by oasis. it was super slow and stuff it sucked ass. i say play oasis version or nothing at all. and i think its creepier that i played that song for my vday show and this was oc's vday show. i swear they are following me.

"see it for yourself

five years later and still watching the same shit.

anyways, leaving for home for a vacay. going to long beach, see friends, then san diego, see edward and a wedding, then home to see my family and some old friends.

on thursday we tried to climb multnomah falls. and then we gave up. then off to the rose garden. i went in the winter and the roses were sticks. on thursday, they were beautiful!

in a cave.