Saturday, April 19, 2003

i got my stl cd slweeve signed by 3/4 people so its good. talked to some random assholes and developed my new catch phrase. you ahve to ask me to see it some time b/c its a fucking killer! yeah its thats great. i also did the robot too many times to count. i dont want to see me when im drunk. ill type the rest later.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

man i feel fat. today my mom made sme good food and i ate a lot and o thought i was fill but i guess not b/c when i babysat, i ate three more slices of pizza. yes im a fat ass and you know what im ok with it. im just eating all i can b/c come sunday i wont be eating the same. i aslo had some ice cream. it was good. i hade a lot to eat today.
my neighbors are the greatest people in the world! i really mean it. i went to visit my nieghbors down the street and i was talking to them about how i drink coffee to stay awake and such and then from out of nowhere the bust out with all this coffee. from starbucks, millhouse, and hawaii, it was all good. then she tells me, "you can take as many as you want." what? and these were beans too and then she asks me if i have a grinder and i say no and then she gives me a new grinder. and then on top of that she gives me chocloate covered esspresso beans! how cool are they seriously i have coffee to last me a while. i love my neighbors. i also babysat and got some extra cash. it was fun as always. I LOVE MY NEIGHBORS!!! they are the greatest.
i love my sandals too. i could run in them therefore its a good sign. i skated around practiced walking on the board.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

"i remember i dont want to remember..."

about the pictures ill put them up when i get back to long beach. i promise. anyways went to the mall yesterday. i got a gift certificate to pac sun. guess how many shirts i bought? on a normal day i would have probably bought 2 shirts for $40. but there was a magic sale and they had long sleeve shirts for $4.99. so naturally i bought 5 and one shirt that was $17.99. and no they are not plain long sleeve shirts. they are are cool shirts the plus was they were all my size. score! that was the most articles of clothing i bought in one time. it was insane. yes im insanely cheap but i bought the tshirt to make me seem not so cheap. and yes i know its approaching summer but right now it does not feel like summer and i will use the shirts for as long as i can.
its kinda cool being home b/c i get to eat all the food that i dont get to. im going to take advantage of this and eat all i can. b.c when i get back im not going to be eating the same. i also forgot how much sleep is the best thing. normally i usually get like 3-5 hours of sleep on weekdays. but this week has been awesome with an astounding 10-15 hours of sleep. i feel good. hopefully it wont rain.i want to go and track down all the people in dismissed. apparently a lot of people from there go on the show. yesterday i saw hogh school dismissed. it was kinda weird but funny. one of the guys is from thousand oaks high. i want to track him down and throw eggs at him. i guess b/c ive been wanting to throw eggs at people.

Monday, April 14, 2003

"i gonna be happy someday...'

im so proud i used the sewingn machine and cut down three xl shirts to youth medium. its cool. i guess this spring break i relly dont paln on doing anything special. just read sew and stuff. i have some time to think about what to do about my show. also sleep and eat. i brought my long board too.
i saw the reggie video. its great. not only is it peanut butter and jelly but brian sumner is in it. then i saw a commercal for some cool burger place in agura hills caled islands and rob machado is in it. i was like "hey rob machado" then the guy in the commercial goes "hey rob machado" that was pretty funny. i just sit and watch the tv all day. its horrible like there was a trading spaces and then fraternity life was on. its a horrible show but yet i watch. im a sad girl.