Monday, April 14, 2003

"i gonna be happy someday...'

im so proud i used the sewingn machine and cut down three xl shirts to youth medium. its cool. i guess this spring break i relly dont paln on doing anything special. just read sew and stuff. i have some time to think about what to do about my show. also sleep and eat. i brought my long board too.
i saw the reggie video. its great. not only is it peanut butter and jelly but brian sumner is in it. then i saw a commercal for some cool burger place in agura hills caled islands and rob machado is in it. i was like "hey rob machado" then the guy in the commercial goes "hey rob machado" that was pretty funny. i just sit and watch the tv all day. its horrible like there was a trading spaces and then fraternity life was on. its a horrible show but yet i watch. im a sad girl.

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