Tuesday, April 15, 2003

"i remember i dont want to remember..."

about the pictures ill put them up when i get back to long beach. i promise. anyways went to the mall yesterday. i got a gift certificate to pac sun. guess how many shirts i bought? on a normal day i would have probably bought 2 shirts for $40. but there was a magic sale and they had long sleeve shirts for $4.99. so naturally i bought 5 and one shirt that was $17.99. and no they are not plain long sleeve shirts. they are are cool shirts the plus was they were all my size. score! that was the most articles of clothing i bought in one time. it was insane. yes im insanely cheap but i bought the tshirt to make me seem not so cheap. and yes i know its approaching summer but right now it does not feel like summer and i will use the shirts for as long as i can.
its kinda cool being home b/c i get to eat all the food that i dont get to. im going to take advantage of this and eat all i can. b.c when i get back im not going to be eating the same. i also forgot how much sleep is the best thing. normally i usually get like 3-5 hours of sleep on weekdays. but this week has been awesome with an astounding 10-15 hours of sleep. i feel good. hopefully it wont rain.i want to go and track down all the people in dismissed. apparently a lot of people from there go on the show. yesterday i saw hogh school dismissed. it was kinda weird but funny. one of the guys is from thousand oaks high. i want to track him down and throw eggs at him. i guess b/c ive been wanting to throw eggs at people.

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