Tuesday, April 22, 2003

"just like a dream you crept into my head"


dammit i hate writing essays all i have is removal of the Native Americans was necessary for the expansion of the United States
thats my thesis. so now i have to some up with other stuff to write. now thats the part i dont like. err. have to do this.
i love my landlady more and more everyday. today the bathroom was painted. i thought the paint was dry and so i take a shower and it starts to crack and peel and stuff. so i tell her expecting that i would have to repaint the bathroom. she tells me not to worry. and that its ok. geeze if this was my mom, she would be so pissed at me and make me repaint the shower but no she was like dont worry. she also told me that she was going to invite us to go to vegas. it was a two night trip for only $20. i probably would go if it was saturday but i have school and such. she is awesome. thats all i have to say.
im not a big fan of tuesday b.c i dont really talk to anyone. it was a pretty lonely day. oh yeah no battle of the bands today i think.
i had another alias dream thats number two. i guess b/c it wasnt on sunday.

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