Sunday, April 20, 2003

"its too soon to say goodbye..."

spring break is over. that sucks. its basically 4 weeks to go then schools out. i have to do some major stuff. i have 2 essays and one presentation and then finals. that sucks. i have one essay due on friday and i have read half of the book which is good i guess. i have to read the other half tomorrow. enough of school just thinking about it stresses me out.
spring break was great. i got lots of rest. that was the best part. i watch a lot of tv. my favorite show by far was monster garage. mtv shows punk'd too many times in a day. i saw high school dismissed. i didnt get to throw eggs at anyone. that bummed me out. i hung out with jesse and stephanie and david and joel and jessica. ate lots of food. i got a coffee grinder and a bunch of coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans. got some cool shirts. a sushi in a box kit and a cool watch. my starting line cd book signed, i saw kelly osbourne and talked to drunk people. you might look at me and say your spring break sucked. but i had a good time.
back to long beach. i stayed home today trying to read my book but i have a really short attention span and i started to talk to people online or i went and looked for something to eat or i watched tv. im kinda mad b.c alias isnt on this week. it was the ten comandments but its tradition. i guess i can wait. i just had a funny thought. you know how the jennifer lopez video is all flashdance like? what if her favorite movie was the sound of would be a totally different video. it would probably be better than the one out now....not really. i think that has to be the crappiest video out there right now. man i love the sound of music. its my moms favorite movie and she used to watch it a lot when i was a kid. i mean one of my sisters name was influenced by one of the songs.
anyways i think there is a caramel chocolate lifesavers soft cream saver with my name on it...

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