Saturday, March 08, 2003

"Taking it all back, thats every word that I said,for every word that you could never get the nerve to say..."\

i had an essay due today so i worked roughly 4 hours writing an concluding paragraph and an intro. stupid solitaire. i can get mean streaks. ah i go to sleep late and wake up early. i was palnning on going to bed early but jason schwartzman was on conan talking baout his new movie spun. i hear its fucked up and stuff so it seems like a good movie. i shuld get more sleep b/c im sick and my head is heavy all the time but i dont. i sleep and nap random parts of the day. like i nap during my break in the usu. like today i didnt want to go to the house so i slept in the usu and then i went to find alexis but i didnt see her so i went home. i found a way to stay awake in my anthro class. i eat. thursday im bringing cheeze its. tuesday i have a test so i have to make a study sheet. hopefully ill catch upon my sleep so i wont be too lazy. i have to do laundry tomorrow too. i went to one of the various wherehouses in the area that are closing down. there was nothing really good left. tomorrow i check out the other one by the laundry mat. there are so many in long beach. ill have a bag full of clothes but whatever! then catch up on some reading. my sister is the best. for my bday she bought me a ticket to see the faint at the glasshouse. i havent even thought of my bday so that was way cool of her to do that. i took some pictures around the city ill eventually put them on the computer.

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