Sunday, March 09, 2003

"Last night i had this dream about you, in this dream im dancing right beside you..."

adventures in long beach by eizelle

i wake up like at 12ish my mom calles to make sure im ok and theni go to the laundry mat. no big wash my clothes and then go to the wherehouse with a laundry bag. whatever. i study some make quick notes for my test on tuesday. it was a really nice day weatherwise. so i wore a skirt. it was too nice to be wearing pants. today was even nicer. i went to the bus and got off b/c i realized the bus was going the opposite direction of tower records. so i end up walking an hour and a half on PCH. good times. i looked at the sign and it was at PCH 3000 tower is on PCH 6000. yup thats a long walk. by the time i got there it was 3 and i found a shorter way home that was a thirty minute walk. not too bad. when i got home my dogs were killing. its funny b/c i bought the count the stars cd and the new movielife but i was only charged for the count the stars. i didnt realize this till i walked out but i kinda feel bad b/c the girl gave me a free finch shirt. ah i dont know its going to bite me in the ass. if you see a thing in dateline about nonhonest citizens its me.
so that was my adventures in long beach. there were many times i could have taken the bus but i didnt i walked i also could have given up many times but i didnt. that was my excercise for the week. i feel really refreshed. its funny b/c as soon as i saw the tower store it was like mirage. times like this i wish i had a car.

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