Wednesday, March 19, 2003

"days of innocence are all long gone avoid the shock honey and try to live on"

im guessing this means a lot more people are going to hate us.dammit. anyways today was a really really nice day. it was not a day to be caught inside. i must say i got a really nice tan today. there was a "pool party" today at school and there was free food. cant pass that up. three bands played and they were suprisingly good. my favorite band, unjust cause, and daijobu. the lead guy from my favorite band is in my communications lecture. the lead singer of unjust cause reminded me of the jordan from nfg just shorter, blonde and a better singer. i got the drumsticks from them. they are still in good condition too. he threw them in the pool and when they floated in my direction i got them. nobody got them so i waited. he totally looked like travis barker talked like him too also his sticks were travis barker sticks. the drummer from daijobu looked like tommy lee. so i say tommy lee and travis barker today. i met some cool guys. i didnt get their names but they were pretty cool they let me sit at their table b/c i was all alone. i was pretty much in the sun that whole time. so i got pretty toasted. it was actually fun. it was nice of asi to get garden burgers. nobody ate them really everyone ate the meat ones. i had a garden burger b/c you cant rally get e coli from an undercooked garden burger. it was good. and they gave us free soda and chips. its nice to know where tution is going. that was kinda fun.i got a bunch of demos and flyers. it was just an overall nice day, weatherwise.
i was so looking forward to watching the very first dawsons creek episode but no they had to start bombing baghdad. hey thats a song!
anyway nothing was no today so i just went to the computer. i have a presentation tomorrow. im kinda nervous b/c we are playing by ear and we dont have a script and we didnt formally reherse. so im kinda scared. i hopefully start training this friday..i hope so i can have my show on soon. im thinking about calling mixtape revolution. i dont really know yet.

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