Friday, March 21, 2003

"good times come and good times go, i only wish the good times would last a little longer..."

kinda i slept for like an hour in the usu before i left for home. i had some cornbeef and cabbage for lunch. i went on the computer for a while and then skated to the bank to get rent money. then i went to albersons to do some comparative shopping. i love albersons but its kinda far but they have better deals ralphs is too expensive even with the double coupons. i got two frozen juices other than orange and apple for 99 cent. thats a freaking bargan. also i found out that tofu steak is like $1.39 so when i run out of meat im getting tofu steak. its cheaper than the real meat and t comes in various marinates. i still have lots of food from when my mom came so im good. i figure it will last me another week i also have veggies that i got last week. when i paid my rent my land lady was feeling real good b/c she took me out to dinner. we ate at huffs. its like a small diner that was actually built in the 50s. one of the waitresses had a a psudo beehive. it was great b/c i think thats how she styles her hair everyday. they had the greatest clam chowder. im used to canned clam chowder so this one was really good. and i got a garlic toast and my fish and chips and some veggies. it was soo good. i had two peices of fish and i could not eat the last one. i have lots of chips left and my garlic toast. i guess ill eat it when i get up tomorrow. i have to do laundry and im going to try to do it earlier than i usually do so i could go to the towne center. i need some stuff from old navy and i just want to go and look around. maybe ill go to the skate shop on the corner of carson. i dont know. i have to eventually study for my test but thats not till wednesday. so i guess ill start studying on sunday. im trying to decide if i should start training on monday or start on friday. hmmm....
yesterday was the major fair and i decided im going to double major int fashion merchandising and textiles and clothing. im actually excited b/c im taking a fundamental to apparel production and i get to learn how to sew and possibly, im hoping knit. im so excited. yeah double majoring. im really excited about this.

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