Tuesday, March 18, 2003

"...and the music keeps on playing on and on..."

soon i will be hosting my own internet radio show. its pretty cool b/c its the schools student radio station and it plays over the usu. im really nervous and excited. i start training soon. theres a show at the pool tomorrow so il be there till 2pm. it sounds good three bands and free food. cant beat free food. i have a test in math and go to history tomorrow. ever since i got a c on the paper i dont want to go to that class. it was like sophomore year english when i would do horrilbly on those essys. err.. im going to tel him that i didnt think i deserve a c b/c i feel that i didnt mix up my geography as much as you said i did that i would deserve a c. i stayed on topic and made my point clear and as concise as i could. that is why i want two points. errr....last night i stayed up late to see flogging molly on jimmy kimmel live. it was good. i really dont like how they cut the end b/c they played another song. it looks fun every time they have cool bands come on. its not like the other late night shows at all. the advanced warning show is coming to the beach in april so thats going to be cool. get to see the mooney suzuki for free. lots of things to do this week and lots of emotions ive been having. some good some bad and its only tuesday!

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