Thursday, March 20, 2003

"i wanna read good news, but nothing good is happening"

there was nothing on again today. the ncaa thing was supposed to be on but no it was dan rather repeating the same info about the war. for like three hours, the same news was repeated there was no real reason to be on tv. they were running out of things to talk about. they would alos discribe everything too. like that buliding is on fire. its flaming and its burning. back to you dan. one report kinda got me. the story was on the protest in san fransico and how in california the antiwar sentiment is higher in numbers compared to those in other states. thats were the story was supposed to end then dan rather says something like well in nyc they are almost all in support of war. then the guy in san fransico say well b/c they havent really experienced a terrorist attack. then dan rather goes "thanks," or something and cuts him off. it was weird b/c when i saw that it was like dan rather made him say that last statement to make his point. it was weird it was very unsettling. i guess you had to see it to understand. i just slept most of the time. i guess everyone thinks im so alcoholic b/c my jones soda bottles remind people of some drink. i forgot waht but yeah. especially b/c the cream soda is clear. ah oh well if thats what they think then so be it. next week hopefully ill have green soda and prove them all wrong.
there was a walkout today. a really good turnout but it not in my nature to not go to class so i went. i felt bad but i had to. they came marching by our class and screaming in out door during lecture. it was great.
umm coca

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