Monday, April 28, 2003

tilt your head back as we hit the wall

i was just finishing up my pears and cheese platter...ok well friday i didnt have class so naturally i didnt get up till like 2. i was a good sleep. then annisa asks me to fill in a spot on the softball team she plays for i figure hey why not so i did. the thing was that i was not 100%. i was kinda sick and medicated but i still played. it was fun. we lost but it was fun none the less. after that we (annisa, dana, wendy and two other guys that i cant seem to rememebr the names...sorry) went to a&w. i never knew a place like that existed. this one was weird b/c it was an a&w kfc split. so along with the "authentic 50's dinner" motif there was kfc motif. it was funny. if you order root beer at a&w you get like a beer glass. its pretty cool. well there were some resting on top of a trash can near the exit so as we were walking out i look behind the counter, nobody was watching and i just grab one and walk out. it was that easy. annisa got one too but her shoes were sacraficed. then wer head to lazer something were we play lazer tag. it was great. there were a bunch of high school kids that look like they just got out of sadies b/c each couple was wearing something that was matching. it was actually quite sickening. and afi was playing so the girls were dancing around and stuff. but i guessed it was afi and i got a free game. i also got free games on the ms packman/galaxia (?) split. after that we went back to the dorms and i slept there. it was cool. i ate breakfast at the dining hall and then we headed to kaleidoscope. i got a cool key chain that resembles the pyramid and they won goldfish. anissa won two and she gave me one he has two friends, ted and ian (RIP). so we all had one except for nick (i think thats his name). anyways the name for my fish as follows: jordan b/c i was going to name him jerome but he started to freak out and then i look up and i see a crew of kids wearing nfg shirts so i say jordan and he stops so i said jordan. then earl b/c of the one and only robert earl wells and esquire iii b/c thats a cool title. hes in a little terrium right now. but i know he wont live long so when he goes im getting a betta. then we go to a dorm bbq. it was fun i guess. we got food what can you say. then we head back to the dorms and then like at 945 we head to the movies. we saw the real cancun. the funny part was when the movie was over and we were heading out we see seriously an old man and old lady sitting in the back of the theater. i think grandpa was asleep and grandma was in shock. the movie was like girls gone wild but real world. it was funny. then they drop me off. good times.
sunday was essay day. this week in speech. i have to write a speech about interpersonal relationships and the internet. im focusing on how it effects friends and family and how you make new friends. it should be fun.
today was alright. a storybook ending played today. they were good. my housemate is moving out. im going to be alone. as long as i have jordan...

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