Thursday, May 01, 2003

remember all the things we kept inside and we dont know why

i feel like a bad parent. today i have classes from 8am to 445 so i dont usually get home till 530ish so im gone the whole day, i totally forgot to feed my fish. went i go home i fed him and he was attacking the food. im felt bad the whole day. i was supposed to give a presentation but no josh decided to stop and there are like six more people so i guess ill go next week then. anyways there were some note worthy ones. like this one girl did her on flirting and she was trying out some tips and sure enough she has a date. this other guy did his on music. it was great b.c he said the lyrics to so fresh and so clean and he said something about hygene and how its important so that kinda made me giggle. anyways then i met annisa for lunch at the dining hall. i had a gardenburger and some pasta and a coffee. stupid smoothie machine was broken. anyways, then annisa went to class so i checked out this communication navigation thing and kroq was there and i got a keychain. good stuff the guys working the booth were super cute too.

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