Wednesday, April 30, 2003

and i shook the honey glaze from my head

i love my mom. she called me to remind me that its free scoop day at 31 flavors. thats great. she wants me to go home this weekend and babysit for the family i babysit for.its an overnight thing and they requested me. the thing is that i dont have a way home. boo. so i dont know. im hopefully its weird b/c i talk to everyone else and i dont feel homesick but when i talk to my mom i feel like im missing something...i have jordan and he keeps me company when it gets lonely. he looks at me funny and its cool b/c hes actually going up for fish food instead of me poking it to make it float down. hes so cool. im suprised hes lived this long. tomorrow i give my informational speech and its going to be may. 23 more days to go. who ha! i have academic advising on friday. thats cutting into my nap time. oh well. after my presentation the next big thing is finals. my housemate moved out. it was kinda shitty too b/c she left without two weeks notice and she wanted her deposit back. i dont think your entitled to it if you dont give at leat 2 weeks notice. but no she got it back much to the dismay of my landlady. as soon as she got it posted up we had a girl come to look at the room and some boy call. so hopefully ill get some cool house mates. then i can make a psudo real world. this is the story...
yeah it was kinda exciting i really want to get new house mates. i have to register soon and i havent really thought about the classes i i want. ill think about that later. now i think about sleep and what im going to eat for lunch tomorrow..oh and that presentation.

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