Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Make a liar out of me and work your magic

its sad im singing to my fish. i want him to live. i dont think singing to him will help.
fisherspooner is awesome. i heard his song a while ago and i thought it was cool then but then i saw him on jimmy kimmel oi so fun.he had dancers and he danced with them. i never thought i could like a band that does that but hey it was good. theres a first for everything.if it wasnt so late i would have gotten up and danced. so yeah check out the song emerge.
anyways school is school i have to do a two to three page outline on interpersonal relationships and the internet: intiating new relationships and how it helps keep touch with families and friends and how it can improve these relationships. yeah kinda boring but i also get to present this to my class. im not too excited about that. oh well. in comm there was some preformance. it was better than what i was expecting. you know those plays in school that have 30 year olds acting as teenagers in fictional situations that teach us a lesson but they always end up making you want to do the total opposite of what they tell you not to do ? this was not like it. it was pretty good and ive seen my share of preformance groups.
i dont know where ben a jerrys was so no free scoop for me but tomorrow is free scoop day at 31 flavors and i live right down the street from them. who ha! free ice cream for eizelle.

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