Wednesday, February 26, 2003

"I've been thinking I'm drinking too many drinks all by myself"
i hate it when it rains and i have to go to school. i hate waiting at the bus stop especially in the rain. oh well.
i dont really like this going hungry thing. i running out of food today i had the crappiest dinner. im sick of frozen veggies and chicken. i need something new like a george forman griller, the infinite possibilites i would have. i also had some clam chowder. i need milk there is ovaltine in the cabinet and i want some.
i had a really good dream last night. really good dream i woke up feeling good. then my phone rang it was my landlady asking if i took out the trash which i did the day before. thats about it. i went to class and then home to an almost empty fridge.
i was watching elimidate and there was this really cool guy he had pins on his sweater. i mean he was part of a super secret kickball club and he had a moped at a bar he ordered milk. how cool is that anyways he got elimidated the first round. the other guys were assholes. i couldnt watch it was lame after the cool guy left.

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