Monday, February 24, 2003

"...and now my life is envied by all..."
i wasted an hour in the laundry mat. thats my weekend. i typed a lot too but i wanted to open a bookmark and it opened in this window i was typing in so i go back all that i wrote is gone so ill type what i can.

the laundry mat on saturday was boring. it was the longest hour of my life. i like it there. the people there are strange there is alos a vons with really nice looking baggers and a rite aid ross and a wherehouse all in the same shopping center. its all nice. also it was homecoming at school but the bus passed by and it looked loame so i was like fuck it and moved on. i hate the weekend bus schedule b/c the buses run every hour and a half. so i waited a good hour for a bus that was crowded with a big heavy bag of underpanties and clothes. fuck the bus rule ill sit next to anyone i dont care. as long as i get to sit. the bus rule isnt really a "rule" its more like unwritten rule. people just dont like sitting next to weidos on the bus. like today a hilbilly guy sat across from me. he smelled of aqua velva and beer. he wore a flannel shirt a trucker hat and a beer belly to boot. times like this i wish i had a camera. when i got home i did some reading studying and such for a comm test on thursday and then some homework for history. i also have a history essay due on the 7th. blah...taking one step at a time. als mt landlady is gone for a week so i get to play my music loud. finally. i could have house sat for tim commerford but no i have school. speaking of school i ohnly had one class so it was good. i woke up a little later than normal. on sunday i skated down to the store and got some english muffins for lunch and frozen juice. i also did more reading.
this happens a while ago. i thought it was funny. there was a pro war rally at our school. the funny part was that there was a protest against the pro war people by the anti war people. they were like across from each other and then the police were involved with a bullhorn but they were jsut screaming at each other things like your ugly and your fat...not really it was more like repubicans are prodominatly white witha taken black and asian guy the anit war people were diverse. la la stuff like that. war, no war they screamed. the police couldnt do anything.
ah begining to like it a little more everyday but im still very alone and reserved. if this were home i would have benn laughing my head off at ths commercial i saw i forgot what it was but it was hi-larious. i missed the grammys yesterday. i guess is your name is not nora jones then you didnt win anything. coldplay i hear won something that cool and so did no doubt. they deserve it. they were nominited so many times before so its cool they won something. i also missed the clash tribute and simon and garfunkel. damn! i hear they hate each other so there must have been tension and a of sleeing audience.

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