Friday, February 21, 2003

[2/21/2003 7:49:52 PM | Eizelle G]

so what do you think?
you could still go back to the old one if you want. i dont see why.

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[2/21/2003 10:13:13 AM | Eizelle G]

i have the biggest smile on my face.

[2/20/2003 10:48:09 PM | Eizelle G]

i havent formally introduced you to the love of my life at the current moment. everyone this is my longboard (not the exact one but its the same spirit) its the hibiscus one.

[2/20/2003 10:36:26 PM | Eizelle G]

i love it when commercials make references to movies. i saw a long distance commercial today and they referenced lloyd dobler in say anything when he is standing outside of diane courts house with the stereo playing in your eyes by peter gabriel. the guy dropped his old long distance company and the long distance operator is standing outside with a radio playing some song. it was great. i was the only one laughing in the usu. i guess nobody caught the reference.

[2/19/2003 11:06:13 PM | Eizelle G]

so my university 100 class went to the special collections part of the library. they house a bunch of old books and such. you know the kind you need gloves to read. it was a pretty funny place. this guy in my class was bitched at for reading a book he wasnt supposed to so he stole gloves from them. the lady who was talking was pretty boring. me and a this girl in my class were making comments. it was great.

i probably had the biggest smile today....

[2/18/2003 12:03:29 AM | Eizelle G]

project button

thats where i got the idea

[2/18/2003 12:02:15 AM | Eizelle G]

just a thought

[2/18/2003 12:02:05 AM | Eizelle G]

you dont have to if you dont want to b/c i have nothing to give in return

[2/17/2003 11:27:38 PM | Eizelle G]

currently taking donations of burned LPs or mixed cds.

sick and tired of the cds in my collection....just a thought...i also want to get mail...

[2/17/2003 3:15:32 PM | Eizelle G]

lets see sunday i skated around the neighborhood. i went to the ralphs. its nice. the baggers are too. all of them. then i saw a car fuul of boys palying brand new really loud. that made me smile. skating around is a lot faster than just walking but it sucks here b/c the sidewalks just end they don meld into the streets like the ones back home. ah oh well. today i didnt do much. i realized i got a lot meaner. like today i was waiting for the bus and this old guy from school sits next to me. my first thought is "does he get double discount for being a senior and a student?" yeah i get irritated a lot easier too, like there were people talking and laughing loud as i was walking to history. err...i guess if i cant talk loud and laugh NOBODY CAN! i think i need to just talk to someone other than myself b/c i think im pissing myself off. the more i listen to me talk to me i get pissed. like dammit i have a good personality why the hell cant i talk to people? b/c you lame stop talking!

in history i heard the words hardcore and stripping in the same sentence but not together. if i took something important from early us history its that anne hutchenson was a hardcore stripper...stripper of puritan society that is!

[2/15/2003 12:23:55 AM | Eizelle G]

never mind the gift for my landlady. i found out that i cant sit on the coutch in the living room so i had to straigten it out. kinda irratated me. then i had to get out so me and my housemate jenny went around long beach. i saw downtown. i like it. theres second street that reminds me of main street ventura. excpet they have tillys and other trendy stores, i guess its more like state street but not really. if that makes any sense. yeah. you know how the bech is supposed to be a nice calm place to be. well not in long beach. the beach looking out on the beach is looking out at oil rigs. its really not peaceful and beautiful not like home at least when i look out i dont see and island near the shore or oil tankers. it was better than being in my room all day. i did cash out my last paycheck its sad b/c thats the last of my money. i need a job. sigh...i had a veggie works buritto from del taco.good as always. when i got home i watched tv.

[2/14/2003 1:03:30 AM | Eizelle G]

tomorrow i have no school so im going to run some errands tomorrow if the weather permits. i have to go to the bank and cash out a check and get a vd girt for my landlady. i didnt do much today. went to school. i took a nap in the usu, you know the normal. i debated whether or not if i should buy a smoothie, i didnt. i want to do a 5 k run based on the fact that its a one hit wonder 5 k run. like at every marker a one hit wonder band will play. people like REMEMBER ANIMOTION, C+C MUSIC FACTORY, FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, GERARDO, MISSING PERSONS AND STEPHEN PEARCY - ORIGINAL LEAD SINGER OF RATT? at every mile, thats so great. i would run my heart out just to see flock of seagulls even though i suck.

i think i like like someone, the funny thing is that i dont talk to him and i dont think he notices me...happy vd

[2/12/2003 10:55:08 PM | Eizelle G]

it sucked today b/c it rained. i was damp the whole day. i had ann umbrella but it was windy. oh well. i went over to the dorms today. its pretty small but cool. stupid communications. i hate talking about myself especially to people that i dont know. i got an email from alexis. its funny b/c she moved back to oxnard from lb while i moved to lb from oxnard. funny. it was just a crappy day but i did see the ron/anthony person. im too afraid to ask to take a picture. i had a camera, i carry one with me everyday but i never take pictures.

[2/11/2003 11:27:46 PM | Eizelle G]

banana man

oh banana man you made my day. this is my vd gift to everyone

[2/11/2003 11:19:34 PM | Eizelle G]

i had a pretty good dinner yesterday and today. yesterday i had some really good chicken my mom made me with fresh steamed veggies and cheese sauce and rice. today i had spagetti with steamed veggies. all good. home is just a spoonful away. im running out of ragu so i need to go out and get some more. there are many times when im on the bus and i wish i had a car. yesterday for example. im going back and i see a toyota matrix full of boys driving in the opposite direction. so nice. they all had the white boy fros. that was so great. today it was raining so my landlady gave me a ride. i went to the usu to hang out but it was crowded. so i sat on the floor. comm was cut short b/c the professor was sick. anthro i wrote a crappy essay. it was sloppy and not too organized. blah oh well. not a good start b/c we only have tests in that class. now i have to do comm...

[2/10/2003 12:16:47 AM | Eizelle G]

how to survive valentines day without a sweetie from usa weekend

1. dont just sit at home and mope. (i say have a party)

2. if you have no single friends, take the day for yourself. (i say why be more lonely?)

3. avoid romantic resturants and bars. ( i say dgo to the bars)

4. for a little end of the day affection, kiss your pets, if you have any. (wow...umm..who do you kiss if you dont have a dog?)

[2/9/2003 11:00:50 PM | Eizelle G]

dinner was good not particularly healthy. i had some mini corn dogs and some fresh steamed veggies with a reall good cheese sauce. as you seen not to healthy. ive been eating a lot of hot cheetos lately. seriously those things are going to be my demise.

my landlady asked me how to work her vcr and i showed her and i ended up watching a good two hours of home movies. dont get me wrong b/c i actualy enjoyed watching them. they were nice. it was all shot on 35mm film. she still has the camera and the projector. seriously i want that camera. its super sweet. lets see thats about it.

thats the greatest. two of my favorite things simpsons and tony tony hawk. woo next week!

[2/8/2003 11:19:17 PM | Eizelle G]

i have good food. woo. i got some fresh veggies and chicken and some juice. i need juice. i was drinking pineapple juice from the cups b/c i had no juice. i have juice so im good. we ate out at in and out. it was my moms first time to eat there. she loves the place. she really wanted mcdonalds but we (dad brother me) didnt so we went to in and out. shes going to eat there now whenever she gets the craving for burgers. i also got a new tv in my room. its all 13 inches and with an antenna. its cool. i get more channels than the main room so its cool. also i have a new computer set up. i got and extra table so i have some study room. great. it was really cold today too. i did some laundry today. my mom helped me. i know what to do now. yes yes im 18 and i dont know how to do laundry. yeah yeah i havent touched a washing machine.

normally when i go to burger places i normally drink what i can and then like not take it home. its really funny now i get some for the road b/c i can drink it later. man im cheap but yeah. i have some lemonaide in the fridge. yeah..lame.

[2/8/2003 12:32:02 AM | Eizelle G]

i actually went to the long beach town center. i bought some new pants and a shirt. i also got a pair or tapers. now a pair or p im kinda pissed b/c the came with only one o ring or band whatever so i have to go and see if i can get two more for free. there are lots of jewlery shops. i didnt know that you could get flesh inserts so you can hide tongue rings and such. that was something new i learned. but yeah they are not too big i think its either 10 or 8 so no big and i really dont plan on going past 6. yeah it was a break from the norm. i hooked up the lady's vcr today too. i went to class. not too many people have friday class. its not crowded at all. then i went home

[2/6/2003 11:15:31 PM | Eizelle G]

damn bacons rebillion. it as cool i got a ride home today from the girl in my anthro class. it turns out im not going to the party on saturday b/c the parentals are coming over. ah oh well next time. another funny thing about yesterdays univ 100 class. the professor was talking about sex and how its expensive and how if we wanted to save money we should think twice before we do it. and then she rambles and then says something about how its a choice blah blah and then like when we drink and get drunk to maintain that state we should drink coffee. or was it replace beer with coffee? i dont remember but when the time comes that i get invited to a party im heading towards the coffee maker. i warn you dont get in my way im going to get a mean buzz and an accelerated heart rate.

[2/6/2003 8:13:53 PM | Eizelle G]

you know how when you go to disneyland you see this person or couple when you walk in but as the day progresses you notice them walk by then it just seem like they are following you? yeah thats the way it is in school. i see this same coulpe in the usu. yeah everyday. i just noticed but there are a damn lot of asians at long beach. i mean like damn everywhere!

we also ddr in the arcade. its fun watching the people "dance." like there is this on guy he looks funny when he dances some people its like they are really dancing. it the ways it should be. these people though really need to go out and do something else. they practically memorized the steps. that just takes away the fun. i personally dont really havea special place in my heart for that game b/c it sucks and its hard. tony hawk or mat hoffman i can play but drr thats too much thinking. my collagae was presented and people had no idea who the hell i was talking about except for one girl. she was cool. other people in my class are drinkers like "this is my best friend" and they point to a bottle of jose or jack.

[2/5/2003 11:55:34 PM | Eizelle G]

i woke up late. the bus comes at 7ish i was up at 650. yeah i was running around. i didnt have a chance to drink my soy latte. anyways it was pretty funny day. i havent really laughed that hard since i got here. in my university 100 class we had to go to the art museum. so we followed the cute boy in my class b/c naturally we think yeah hes going to the museum. we were talking and we notice that he goes into the dorms. so we were lost. it was funny we were thinking about waiting then following but we eventually found the place. i also got a complement from a random person in the student union. i also fell asleep there. i was watching regis and kelly then all of a sudden it was the price is right. now i want to go on that show. its awesome! there was also a rally today. i didnt really stop b/c they were chanting CSULB like some kind of cult so i was disturbed and walked by the rally.

[2/4/2003 10:50:22 PM | Eizelle G]

so today started off real cool. my land lady asked me if i wanted t go to mcdonalds. i figure free breakfast. so i go. it was cool. i just rolled out of bed in my whale pjs and sandals and get a fruit and yogert thing and an oj. it was cool. i got to know a little bit about her. its funny b/c senior citizens go through the same drama we do. it kinda closes the gap. you know. then i don go to target i jsut went to school. i hung out in the student union it was pretty lonley. but hey i get used to it. at this mcdonalds the people who work there are really pretty people. i mean there were some old people but the manager was really cute with his glasses and such. the girl there too was really pretty. its also the cleanest mcdonalds ive been to. very nice. a+ mcdonalds.

krustykrab199: it was the weridest thing i met this girl today and she was real nice

Piikochan109: haha why is that weird?

Piikochan109: that sounds really cool

eizelle: she invited me to a lingere party this saturday

eizelle: after the party theres going to be a stripper

eizelle: thats teh weird part

charice: ohhhh

charice: what the heck

charice: what kind of a party is that?!

eizelle: you know its like a tupperware party

eizelle: instead of tupperware its lingere

charice: i've never heard of anyone having that kind of a party

eizelle: im like i dont have money to give a stripper

eizelle: i have a quarter

eizelle: but thats cold

charice: LOL

charice: yeah, that wouldn't be making the stipper happy

eizelle: no

eizelle: i should give pennies

eizelle: dollar bills for strippers are overrated

charice: HAHA

charice: i dare you too

charice: for real

eizelle: ok if i end up going im bringing the change

eizelle: literally

yeah the thing is about this girl is that she the total opposite of me. like i dont even think we like the same music but in some weird way we get along. so yeah a lingere party. i dont know if im going b/c; a) i dont know anyone at this party, 2) my parents are coimg this weekend, and h) why? i dont know its kinda scary if i had one more person i could really depend on i might think about going but yeah. its kinda funny b/c i have no money i have loads of pennies if i end up going ill use those. other than that it was just a normal day.

[2/3/2003 11:45:22 PM | Eizelle G]

let me tell you my theory about the people who watch joe millionaire. seriously the 20 million people who watch that show dont have cable or something b/c that show is lame. the 16 million people who watch that show have to have an antenna just like me b/c anyone who has cable or satellite has a pretty damn good reason to not. like me. i watch that show b/c i can only get the channels 2-13. on monday night there is nothing on. i dont like silence so i watch tv while i read and such. i sit there and im like why the hell am i watching this crappy crap show. theni remember oh yeah no cable. same goes for every other crappy "reality/dating/talent search" show on the networks. they have nothing when compared to eliminadate or blind date or the 5th wheel. so yeah the 5 million people who watch those shows dont have cable and it looks like a mojority of americans dont.

[2/3/2003 10:49:57 PM | Eizelle G]

wow did that last post make no sense. ah well. i accomplished a lot. i read my communications got some more pictures for my collage and i did some math. im kinda ahead of the class its cool. i was looking at old posts and such from the " summer of the thunderbirds" as i call that chapter in my life i said i fall in love like 5483952 times a day. that probably doubled since i got to long beach. as i said there are too many people to love. like the two boys in my history class and then one boy in my math class, the boy in my communications lecture, the boy in my anthropology class, and the boy in university 100. yeah theres at least one in each class the killer thing is that they all sit right next to me or near me. its great but it kills me. ah there are the people i see drive by when im out by the bus. its bad. its really bad. i guess b/c im all alone here. i need to tell people but i have no one to tell. i keep everything inside and i found out that it is not particularly healthy. i end up having conversations in my dreams or i talk to myself. i think i might be speaking out loud. like in one dream i was talking to jack bristow and sydney and vaughn. me and vaughn were in soccer uniforms dancing to dirrty by chirstina aguliera on some random soccer field i think it was a company picnic that was compromised and i was in the cia. it was weird i dont know why i told you my dream oh well. how did i get on that topic oh yeah speaking out loud in dreams...

yeah tomorrow is going to be an adventure im going to take a different bus to go to circuit city in the morning then take another bus to go to the school. yup. adventure all before school starts. actually i dont know if ill do that b/c its a long walk to the bus stop. so maybe not. seriously i need a car to get around. really the shopping place is not that far from my house. i was going to go there today but no i did homework. whats up with that? i probably wasnt going to buy anything anyways. i guess ill go on sunday b/c the parents are coming on saturday.

[2/3/2003 2:03:26 PM | Eizelle G]

blah i had an early day. anyways i havet o read and such then maybe take a shower. i shold take one now...i think i will.

[2/2/2003 11:06:57 PM | Eizelle G]

today started off pretty boring. i kinda finished off my collage. its pretty gnarly. it looks like i put a lot of time into it but really i didnt. i finished some math. then i went for a drive with my land lady. we went to the mall thats like a few miles up the street. its really nice. it has a tillys and a sports challet a 27 theater movie place shoe pavillion you know the usual. the thing is its like not even a 10 minute drive from my place. weird then we went to ralphs to get some food. i was going to go to get some juice but it was cheaper with a ralphs club card so i decided that ill let my parents get me the juice. i did buy a latte soymilk coffee thing. its pretty good. it has caffeine and ive been needing some b/c i get up early for class that and i need milk. the only real calcium i get is from cheese and i dont eat it on a daily basis. i also bought some swedish fish b/c i need the wrapper for my collage that reminds me i need a picture of a pirate and mayor mccheese.

[2/1/2003 9:02:13 PM | Eizelle G]

Salute Your Shorts! You enjoy camping out with yer
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What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?
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probably the greatest show ever on nick.

i didnt do much today or yesterday. i went home and slept and when i woke up no one was home so i ate and stayed up to watch late nite. jimmy kimmel is a funny show. today the lady i live with dropped me off at rite aide she showed me the neighborhood. i walked all the way back. it was cool it was not too far its like walking to fremont i guess. next time im using my longboard. i stopped at the wherehouse. looked at some cds got a meanstreet and oc weekly. good publications looking for scratch and such. still exploring. its fun kinda scarry b/c everything is very unfamiliar to me and i dont have anyone. oh well. thank goodness i brought some of the old scratch and destroy alls b/c i need stuff of a collage that i have to make for communications. on the cover of mean street is audioslave. so i got one for the lady i live with. her grandson in -aw is the bassest of audioslave, tim commerford so i got her one. she was very excited and drove to the wherehouse to get more. she really likes him. she even has the cds. its cool here i just wish i knew more people my age. i should really apply of the job at the dining hall. i need it.

[1/30/2003 7:24:33 PM | Eizelle G]

hello friends! its been a while i finally got my computer to work thats the reason for the delays. for all wanting to know i im in the lbc. school started and such and its very fun. i have to admit the first day of school was pretty lame. i felt really alone. i didnt really know anyone. my voice is hearting b/c i havent had a real conversation until today in of all classes a communication workshop. anyways i listented to the bright eyes cd and i felt better. i dont know why but i did. anyways i still dont know anyone here so its still lonely here. i was kinda pissed on the first day bc i was just pissed i hated it but as the week progressed i began to like it. its fun and stuff. i hang out in the student union everyday and watch the tv abd attempt to make friends its never that easy. anyways i talk to some people my voice was begining to hurt b/c i havent used it in a long time. ah but it takes time so i can just do what i do. ah i have gas! oh well. yeah there are too many boys to love in this school. im trying to get involved and ill eventually get there. yeah have to start the homework.

[1/25/2003 1:08:09 AM | Eizelle G]

hey tomorrow is the big day yup the day i get a bus pass. getting older and using a bus pass. yup..bus pass. i got this cool check book wallet. its from the 70s and its old it smells old and its all western looking. its great! ah old stuff. look out kids i got an answering machine. if you call me you have to leave a damn good message to get me to call you back and maybe a number. the only exception is my family they can leave me regular messages. i also learned how to do laundry. its amazing.

[1/23/2003 11:18:38 PM | Eizelle G]

damn that butterfinger coca is good! and i mean good its like im drinking candy. yum! anyways im almost done with the packing. i have a few things to pack like my alarm clock and some other stuff. i got some cool stuff too like a pan. i have to buy lots of crap b/c im not in a dorm but my room is probably as big as a dorm. you know just i get one to myself. i got my phone number and stuff. i forgot to get it from my dads email. ah oh well. im thinking of a new screenname for this stock market thingy. im not sure. i gues i have to sleep on it. my room is chaos. i have nothing on my walls and there is crap everywhere. its really scary. i hope my crap fits.

[1/22/2003 11:13:06 PM | Eizelle G]

its a sad day. since september ive been babysitting these kids today was my last day i get to see them. ah its sad. they said they would come down to see me on saturday. ah but it was fun. oh well.

i got some food from the store i must say all good food. like i got butterfinger flavored coca. weird but from what i hear its pretty damn good.

[1/21/2003 9:58:25 PM | Eizelle G]

im kinda glad we stood outside for much of the show. it was fun in the cold talking crap about people we didnt know and testing the security. fun times. today i packed away my childhood my stuffed toys and what not it made me very sad. its like in toy story what5 if my toys have feelings. i know im crazy but i think my toys have lives and b/c i packed them in a box they are crying right now feeling betrayed. ah..what have i done?! they are going to be stored in a garage for four years!

my room is almost empty i have to pack the clothes and the other stuff. blah i hae packing and i dont like unpacking a rearranging. i hate the fact that i am spending a lot of money and that im going to be away from the house. i dont have anyone to look foward to seeing all these new faces. holy shit thats a cool feeling! its like starting over. in a way i feel bad for leaving but then again my sisters did it to me so its my turn.

i had a shopping spree in the 99 cent only store. hells yeah. i got a trash can, cotton stuff, a spoon, mustard, drinking glasses, cool stuff. im stil trying to get a hang of this public transit but im very lost. i have to see the maps up front. ah i have buy books and what not. bah!

[1/20/2003 10:09:05 PM | Eizelle G]

its like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. i have a place to live therefore im no longer homeless. it feels nice. i have a house. its my life story, you know how i had a job calling old people and telling them their pick up times? i live with a potential client. she not too old she is actually quite cool. she talks a lot too. its cool i have a dead bolt on my door. its a nice room and i have every intention to tape stuff on the walls. its an old house and its right by the bus stop. im going to be public transit queen. i cant have visitors at my house thats the only real drawback. its cool as long as i have a house. anyways me jesse david and stephanie went to the something corporate show. not really we stod outside. it was fun. standing in the cold. oh yeah im writing with the new computer. its cool. nice computer.

[1/19/2003 12:58:13 AM | Eizelle G]

current status: homeless

yeah i didnt find a house. im so tired and pissed and i just want to give uo and not even go to school whatever. ill se after the first semester. im so cranky tomorrow i have to call some people and get pissed even more looking for apartments. err..i hate it. im so aggravated. im just frustrated b/c i had all these houses but i came back with none! im so mad i just want to cry. im angry at money!

[1/18/2003 12:20:52 AM | Eizelle G]

i hate spending money. my parents are spending insane amouts of money today and to me i feel really uncomfortable. it bothers me that they would spend all this money for me. im considering getting a loan to ease the payments for my parents and apply to scholarships and such. cool thig is i got a computer! they are giving me the old computer. i feel really bad. one day i hope to pay them back. b/c ive seen the money we have in accounts, i feel horrible for taking so much money. as long as they dont give me a credit card ill be fine and i wont be getting a car for a while. no more spending.

i noticed that as you get older the more one becomes reliant on folders. i have three folders right now and i need more i cant hold all the important stuff! why the folder!! ah i hate growing up why cant i just stay the same way. i could always take the easy way and notgo to school and what not but a part of me wants to go. its like i want to be old yet be young.

[1/16/2003 10:19:32 PM | Eizelle G]

tomorrow is the day i get my banking account finally! seriously. i keep on putting it off but school is starting. i started to pack all the crap that i dont need into boxes. all the books and random trinkets that i dont want to take with me. my storage is going to be the garage. right now i have three boxes. i threw away a bunch of crap from colleges and stuff. tomorrow i guess ill put away the stuffed animals. i have a lot. i also have to get all the potential apartments b/c on saturday ill be searching and getting an apartment. happy day. eizelle's prediction for saturday: ill end up getting an apartment. thats my prediction b.c i HAVE TO!

[1/13/2003 11:49:56 PM | Eizelle G]

tomorrow is my last day of work. kinda sad b/c the people there are really cool. marlene told me that its nice to see kids stepoing up and going to college. she wants her kids to go to college and she hopes that they will. i didnt do much today at work i got a list of songs to d/l for this guy at work he said hell give me $20 im like thats too much so tomorrow if i get the songs done by then, i will only accept five. i also feel lilke im going to puke. its gross. i dont feel too well.

[1/12/2003 11:27:13 PM | Eizelle G]

you know how pumped i was about the xgames and stuff? well i was reading big brother and they are always pissed at the xgames and they found out this year its in la and they said something how la doesnt have a skatepark and the mayor and council man guy said that it will bring in millions and stuff to the city , normally i dont really care for what they have to say but they did have legit point b/c la does not have a real park to skate in. the police get a kick out of the skating in the staples center but outside in the parking lot the kids who are doing the samething, skating, will get arrested. it kinda sucks. also the mayor or the council man mentioned nothing about skating just the money it will bring. bummer. *sigh* if you want to read it yourself its in big brother magazine with jason ellis on the cover. its really short. the jason ellis article is cool too. elijah wood is also on the cover of gear magazine and it has GREAT pictures. yeah seriously keep me away from stores. i spent like $70 i bought some pants and two shirts and a bra. grr i have to start saving for school. i keep on telling myself this and yet i still manage to spend money but then i tell myself that oh yeah friday is payday and i babysit on wednesday. its horrible. its a cycle but work will soon be over and money will longer flow. i take that into consideration too. im also going to school on the bare minimum so i wont be able to buy the things that i do now so im seizing the oppportunity to buy the things i want to.

[1/12/2003 12:17:31 AM | Eizelle G]

i had a headache but i had to resist the temptation to take medcine. dont want the rebound headaches. anyways i was supposed to get a bank account but no. on saturday im going back to the long beach to look for places to live and hopefully a computer. thats about it. i didnt do much. i babysat as usual and im thinking about taking a swim class or something i need to go out there or maybe a surf class. i need to be active and im thinking about joining the school entertainment comittee.

[1/11/2003 12:10:21 AM | Eizelle G]

didnt do much today i watched tv and stuff. ate some candy and started to think about what to pack and what to leave. looking for modes of transportation to go home like a train or bus i dont want to put strain on my parents. lately ive been stressing about the cost and everything. i dont think my cal grant will carry next year b/c i dont have a GPA so that really sucks. i have to take a visit to the veterans office. i dont want my parents to spend too much on me liek i just want them to pay for my house. i originally planned with the grant to pay for books but if i dont have that its really gonna suck. i hate money. that reminds me i have a 20% off at tillys.

[1/9/2003 10:35:48 PM | Eizelle G]

hey i was looking at lindas journal and i saw the link for strong bad. seriously he is my hero. i was intruduced to him on xmas. i strongly suggest looking at all of them. it took me all last week to see them all and the web cartoons. also see the action figure, the bird, and lures and jigs also techno if you are feeling good. soo soo good.

anyways i woke up at 4am to go to the beach. we got there at like 7 i checked in and then saw some movie heard some people talk. i really wasnt listening. but the entertainment commissioner said something that he worked hard to get the warped tour in cal long beach. that quickly got my attention. actually most of my attention. like not even half cared b/c everyone there was adults or transfers. i even saw a nun. there were six total freshman so we all naturally clinged to each other. it was fun walking around in circles. i forgot their names but they were all cool none the less. i registtered without a hitch. but i only got 13 units. the girl was like i dont recommend you taking more than 12 units. i really wanted to take a bio lab class too but no she was like most freshman dont take oh well. heres the schedule:

interpersonal communications and a activity

world regional geography

early us history

elementary math

the university and your future

yes elemantary math. ive accepted the fact that i suck at math on standardized tests so whatever.

"i wanted to win that foamy finger but i didnt know what to do with it" i dont know who said this but he was in my group thing.

i love the foamy finger!

[1/8/2003 10:11:59 PM | Eizelle G]

wish me luck kids im going to long beach tomorrow and then im going to find apartments i have two lined up i also have to HAVE an apartment by tomorrow so thats a lot to think about. wow

[1/7/2003 11:37:11 PM | Eizelle G]

there were so many complaints at work today. it sucked. it kinda bummed me out. whatever. tomorrow i babysit and thursday i have to go to long beach for some workshops. fun. i also have to tell thenm that i need to change my mojor to apparel merchandising and textiles and clothing. yeah double majoring whatever. good times yeah im looking forward to working interning the most and just taking in the experience. im very looking forward to looking forward to something.

[1/6/2003 10:53:24 PM | Eizelle G]

so me being me, i love jonny moseley. so i watch the real world road rules thing and i see midtown on the tv. im like what! i grabb the remote and then i see the host is jonny moseley oh yeah i love the show.

[1/5/2003 1:21:02 AM | Eizelle G]

oxnard is a state of mind the town is great and i love oxnard and i love this boat...drums...

[1/5/2003 1:17:11 AM | Eizelle G]

today was matthew lillard day or should i say matt lynn? yeah so im curious b.c the tv guide had a show on nick gas called sk8 tv. i end up watching it and to my suprise its actually kinda decent. there was skate master tate a longboarder and he was the host and matt lynn or matthew lillard as he calls himself. it was directed by stacey peralta so it had to be legit. there were lots of bones brigade liek lance mountain, tommy gurrero, and tony hawk of course. kevin staab and the alva brothers but this was like 1990 before it died out and the boards had another kick tail but you could still distinguish the tail from the front of the board. it was funny b/c the host skate master tate asked the alva brothers what are you going to do after skating? its funny b/c it was a time when skating was not a career option. that was probably one of the greatest shows ive ever seen. then slc punk came one and then it was good.

i babysat today and that was fun all pokemon all day. the kids love this show. i also skated around the block just getting adjusted to it so i dont look stupid i guess. also sk8 tv inspired ne to go out there and rip.

[1/3/2003 10:09:00 PM | Eizelle G]

it was actually a cool week..kinda...well yeah. i found out that my cable box gets mtv2 and all the other irrelevent video music channels like vh1 mega hits and mtv hits and vh1 country. seriously i can deal with mtv but more mtv. i just dont think i can handle it. but i do flip it to those channels once in a while for kicks..hard kicks in my nonexistant balls! yeah sometimes i get that bored. you know when nothing is on tv and stuff. but there is one channel that i love. noggin. its really great. they show the old episodes of sesame street that i grew up with not this new stuff. old school sesame street is so great. they also show ghostwriter square one tv and bill nye and daria. i didnt get my paycheck but i guess ill get that when i work on monday. its soo boring going to work. even though its only two days out of the week its takes a lot out of you b.c its just the same thing. next week im looking forward to going to long beach and registering and then going to look at apartments. i think im going on thursday. stupid friday being full. errr oh well i guess im going into school mode but im managing to fit in doing nothing. so im all healthy. i went on a walk with my mom and my dog. that was interesting. i saw mr casey and his new baby. that was cute. hes like is that eizelle? im like is that mr casey? that was a change. i didnt go out and skate today mostly b/c i use my board for commuting. i guess i have to commute to more places. on a good day youll find me skating outside on the streets and stuff just cruising around b/c i want to. the thing i dont want to think about now is school. its too much to think about. like my neighbor said "its going to be a breath of fresh air" yeah i guess but in long beach the air is going to be a little polluted.

this post has been brought to you by the letter E and the number 7

[1/1/2003 11:57:34 PM | Eizelle G]

i woke up at 11am to play tony hawk and then i rreturned it to blockbuster. yeah my whole xmas/new years revolved around a game cube my sister brought home. it was great. then the fun ended when she left.

looking forward to: going to school for the first time it seems like to me. i guess sitting on ones ass for a real long time has taken its toll. really it feels like the days go by way faster. the thing im going to miss the most is sleep. im really going to miss that. thats as far as i can anticipate. i dont want to get my hopes up about anything at the current moment im still kinda living today. my mom said she would teach me how to croche i have no idea how to spell that but its like knitting but not. anyways, im going to learn how to make my own scarfs. but that reminds me to go to the thrift store and buy a scarf.

[12/31/2002 11:00:40 PM | Eizelle G]

merry new year y'all.

yeah i had to work today so it was fun. i finished early so i left. jesse called me too but my mom didnt let me go anywhere! this week is payday so life is sweet.that and i have a sweet mouth at the moment b/c i ate my moms rice cake. yum. i ate more on the new year than the xmas time. i also founfd out that nike is coimg out with a skate shoe. how sad. they arent giving back anything to skating if anything they are taking away. they never supported the skaters in the 80s who rocked their shoes. its really sad and now thats its popular they are willing to support skating. i saw i online ad its really dumb to me. they are probably nice shoes and stuff but nike. oh yeah and the people that skate for themn are probably getting mucho money. good for them but nike has no creditability in the skate industry. like i said they havent contributed to skating maybe some sponsorship to the xgames a few years but woopity doo. i dont understand.i really dont. oh yeah nike bought hurley. bob is one rich mofo! its funny b/c the people who run nike were probably the same people who picked on skaters in high school.

i guess this is my time to think about the past year. ... there i did it. thinking about the past year is always great b/c so many things happened. i graduated from high school and probably had one of the coolest summers to date. lets start from the beginning:i cant remember that far but i do remember going to disneyland. that was cool. school was like it always is. i noticed that people were enjoying school more this time around than any year. i must say i was too i might not have shown it. i went to one school dance and it wasnt prom. midway through school peoppel were talking about college and what school are they going to and stuff but i was on of the some that didnt have anywhere to go. it was a dark time for me b/c there were times when i felt left out. oh well then school ended and summer came. i cant realy remember but i knew what i wanted to do. i applied and go in. im going to cal long beach studying apparel merchandising. its nothing special but at least im doing something. i probably wouldnt go to college but im just to damn bored. i need to do something productive. so i guess ill go to school. nothing else better to do. oh yeah i learned how to drive. summer was fun but the fun had to end someday. college started and then i was alone. i stayed in the house for the longest time. had lots of time to think. LOTS of time. i got a job and now i have money to buy cool things and thats pretty sweet. ... thats all i can remember

[12/30/2002 11:57:32 PM | Eizelle G]

lets see i bought some new stuff and charice gave me a kick ass hanky scarf. its great! i use it in my hair b/c its shorter and the pattern on the scarf is awesome. it has spongebob on it so you cant go wrong. i went to charices house with linda and lisa. that was fun watching the sex lady. good times. i bought some socks and a shirt. i still havent cashed out my check so im low on the cash. hey i pay the bill to take the spills yo! yeah i love my longboard! love love love! its great. i still havent used my microwave yet im kinda excited to make my meals in it. popcorn. the microwave is my declaration of independence.

[12/26/2002 11:07:55 PM | Eizelle G]

its been a while. whats been happening you ask. nothing much really. the sunday the 22 i believe i went to rachelles house. good times with people that i havent seen in a while. good times.i also decided that im going to buy a longboard. monday the 23rd my sister from north came home and i had work. the 24 i work while family goes to church. i got some gifts from the family that i babysit for and some cookies and stuff. yesterday the 25 i got my ass out of bed at 9ish i believe. i look in the stocking and i got some underwear and candy and a sugar makeup clutch thingy. so heres the break down of the gifts:

a 6 pack of black white and grey underwear

sugar mirror and loose glitter in a sugar clutch


a box of lavender soaps


monsters inc]

a vaccum for the keyboard

a microwave

a toaster

its normal for kids my age to get clothes and and stuff but in my family a microwave and a toaster is pretty normal. yup a microwave. its still in the box. its pretty sweet. its not really what i wanted but hey it functional. i wanted a sewing machine. oh well. we saw the two towers on xmas too. that was one awesome movie i might say.

today was the day i made one of the biggest investments of my life. well not really b/c this weekend im getting a bank account but this is up there i bought a super sweet surf one longboard. the deck is surf one so are the wheels (powell/peralta), independent trucks, china bones abec 3 bearings. super smooth ride. its great. i love it. its sitting in my room LOVE IT! ahhh....i finally got it too. it sucked b.c the one i planned on buying wasnt there. it was a sweet surf one i also thought about getting the speed drop pintail board but the girl one was pretty sweet so i got it.. i was also thinking about getting a sector nine used board but no. i love my board. love love love.

[12/20/2002 11:39:48 PM | Eizelle G]

it firday night and whart am i doing:

maybe if i watch tv with my head hanging upside down it will make reba a better maybe if i use 80s tony instead of bucky it will be fun...after a while it gets boring. these are are thoughts that i had today. yeah basically its a normal friday night for me. ive gotten used to it. my brother was pissed today b/c he couldnt go to guitar center or the beach or whatever. he says he cant just sit down and watch tv for x amount of hours. i say you get used to it.

to tell you the truth i dont want to go to school. ive been feeling this way since after graduation. its not that im not ready or any of that shit its just that i dont want to go. ive hated school and i dont want to go but i want to get out of the house so school is obviously my motivation. sigh...oh well. im almost there so whats the point in giving up now. actually my motivation is the place i work, laidlaw. its so boring and repetitive. i dont want to end up working in a place i HAVE to work. i want a job i well WANT.


[12/19/2002 11:18:34 PM | Eizelle G]

today i babysat. yeah i said today was my day off but one kid refused to go to a xmas program. so i babysat. just like yesterday. but whatever pays the bills. tomorrow im home free. my only real day i have free...i hope. yeah so today i changed my bed and stuff and my mom gives me probably one of the greatest blankes in the world. its a fake mink blanket with a lion on it. it looks like im looking for lovin by the fire. its that great and its going to be warm. i think i know what i got for xmas.. a toaster. it sounds exactly like it. my mom has this way of not labeling the gifts so we cant guess but through some shaking and such i hear one gift sounds like a toaster. its the perfect compliment to the rice cooker they got me. so yeah a toaster. my sisters all got toasters for some holiday and since im leaving in january yeah its only fitting they get me the toaster. oh well. hmm...payday tomorrow. ive been looking forward to friday. the thing is that i dont think i can go and pick it up. my sisters car stalled and she refuses to drive it so my mom wont have a car therefore i wont have a car.

oh man ive been watching this i love the 80s thing on vh1. oh man is it great. great great great i know what they are talking about and stuff. yeah good times the 80s..not really.

current weather: rainy and windy.

[12/17/2002 11:37:31 PM | Eizelle G]

today i found out that i work on xmas eve. kinda sucks. i usually go to church and what not thats when i know it is truely xmas. but yeah this year ill be calling people to remind them to have a happy holidays or to tell them their pick up times for thursday. like i say kinda sucks but what i say whatever pays the bills. like tomorrow i babysit and on saturday. like i say paying the bills and what not. but day off day is soon and payday on friday.

i went to best buy today wow was that place crowded of a tuesday at 1 in the avro. seriously. i saw lots of people i knew there. fun i guess seeing people that i havent seen in a while. but yeah the line was kinda long for a tuesday. last minute gift buying i guess. then i wrapped a bunch of gifts. then it was off to work i went.

my mom drove me passed these houses that kinda went over the top with the decorations i thought that was fun. it reminded me of the old times when we would crowded into my moms old car and drive around the hood looking for houses with the xmas lights.

speaking of xmas lights im so over those snow looking lights. seriously they dont look like snow. then it gets out of hand when people strat changinf the colors of the ice. like blue ive even seen rainbow ones seriously im so over them. i have them on my house. it sucks. mlah. also whats up with the inflatable stuff? its like a mini jolly jumper thing.

i dont know what im getting this year so im kinda scared. i hoping its not a toaster of any. i hoping a sewing machine or a hot glue gun. please the hot glue gun.

[12/16/2002 11:01:25 PM | Eizelle G]

today was probably one of the easiest days of work. the computer crashed with all the schedules so all work was lost when i got there i had to call like 10 people so it was cool. i worked for a good hour then played pinball solitaire for a solid two hours then i drove home.

it rianed today so what do i do? thats right put in the endless summer on tape. yeah then it becomes summer all over again. then the move ends and then its back to rain.

tomorrow back to the future and i have to run some errands and then work again.

[12/15/2002 11:10:09 PM | Eizelle G]

im still kinda sick im coughing and sniffing and stuff but other than that i feel fine. tomorrpw i work and then tuesday back to the future comes out on dvd. im actually going to get there early and try to get a dvd with the watch. im not going half assed on a gift. it it comes with a free watch dammit im going to get it.

the music in high places with unwritten law is going to be on again. that one was so good. i dont think ill be watching tv at that time but yeah its good.

[12/14/2002 1:18:58 AM | Eizelle G]

so before i leave the house today i told my brother i was going to win a NASCAR jacket. we get to the exchange and get the tickets and stuff its great b/c my mom wont a super rad elph lt camera and gave it to me. we were walking around and my mom got a sketchers blanket some gum samples of perfume like happy and stuff. great. so im walking around the store and magically they call my number. so i go up to the thing and what do they give me i NASCAR like jacket. it was the weirdest thing. i called it. yeah we got some other stuff like a sam adams glass thats about it. but yeah i fucking happy i got new camera a pretty sweet one at that. my dad loves the jacket and we got some gifts. speaking of gifts i have to go and make them.

[12/12/2002 10:49:37 PM | Eizelle G]

yesterday i work up with a sore throat fver and a stiffy nose. its not good then i babysat later that night. my ears were ringing. i read 6 book with a sore throat. it was painful. they had these antlers with bells and they were running around and it made my head hurt. but you know what i say deal with it. i was reading and running and trying to watch the 60 miunuts II interview with tony hawk on the tv. good interview i might say.

ever since the girl duck died, its kinda been a male dominated backyard. my two cats are boys the duck is a boy and my dog is a boy. its sad b/c my dick wanders looking for his wife so he hangs out now with my dog. its really sad. i caught him this morning one the cement near my dog. like i said sad.

now to go out and look for socks. the cool kind they make sock monkies with apparently they are called Rockford Heel Socks and i dont know were to find them.

[12/10/2002 10:30:56 PM | Eizelle G]

i mad a really bad boo boo. i forgot to sign out at work. its not computerized or anything all i have to do is sign out but i forgot to dammit! err...

ok i didnt do much. last night i made another head covering. its cooler than the first one i made. and im wearing it right now. its weird b.c its really thin but very warm. i like it. i have to go to the thrift store to find a wool sweater so i can make a fancy head covering. anyways i like my thermal one. oh yeah to add to my sewing machine i want a hot glue gun. oh yeah i got paid today.

i cant believe i failed to mention that the movie cq is really good. i saw it over thanksgiving and it was great! i highly recommend it to anyone.

[12/9/2002 11:32:01 PM | Eizelle G]

The average blue whale produces over 400 gallons of sperm when it ejaculates, but only 10% of that actually makes it into his mate. So 360 gallons are spilled into the ocean every time one unloads, and you wonder why the ocean is so salty...

funny i like really funny facts. anyways avi asked me to answer his question so im going to answer it. i would have to say coldplay parachutes. for one year i listened to that cd everynight before i went to sleep b/c it was that good. i think when i got it i listened to it like 5 times when i was writing an essay for american history. till this day i can still listen to that cd like two times in a row and still have to appetite to listen to it again. kinda lame i guess... now that i answered it i can share it.

i went to work and i finished early so marlene let me play games on the computer. then i got in the crafty mood and made a beanie out of an old thermal my mom told me to throw out but i didnt. hopefully for xmas i can get a sewing machine b/c it would probably make a lot of projects easier.

[12/8/2002 10:59:59 PM | Eizelle G]

notice how im say im going to get a hair cut today but notice how i dont. we put up the tree and i exchanged a shirt and got a cool magazine. really cool. went to church and saw my sunday school teacher. she gave me the sandlot and sixteen candles. i guess ill go watch it.

[12/7/2002 11:49:44 PM | Eizelle G]

its that time of the year to get a hair cut. yes my hair is getting unbearably long and is getting hard to style. so my mo is going to trim it. hopefully tomorrow i dont know how long i can live with the long hair.

it was a really long day for me. i woke up at 4:30 ish to go to long beach to take a test at 8. it went pretty well. the tests were easy and i wrote a pretty damn good essay if i do say so myself. there was a really really cute boy in my testing class. really cute. today was also day of some cute boys in suits day at long beach state. seriously when i walked out of then test i was up to my neck in suits and cigarette smoke. geeze. walking around i got sorf of acquainted to the school. nothing to complicated to get lost in. many cute boys so many on skateboards or in cars. it was aslo filipinno xmas festival day. seriously i could not keep a straight face b/c i had to comment on everything it was an easy target. the only good thing was that the mango pirates were going to play but i didnt stay very long so i didnt see them play. but i did get backstage pretty uneventful and scary. there were dancers and stuff and some rap hip hop stuff that i didnt understand. ah so bad a great source of inspiration.

when i got home i went to the store and got a new bag and a new shirt. but i have to exchange it for a medium. apparently im a small for tshirts and other stuff but im a medium in button ups. yeah i guess i figured that if i stay above a certain amount of money in my wallet im ok.

it was the weirdest thing at the rack, as i like to call it there is a display of roxy stuff. i was looking for a cool gift for my neighbor and the table was all of a sudden rushed by these girls and their moms. all i heard was "roxy!" "i need a wallet" blah blah. it was the weirdet thing. some of the stuff wasnt all that cute.

extremely tired and ready for a demo in extreme sleeping. ill sign autographs later.

[12/5/2002 10:52:59 PM | Eizelle G]

haha i was right mike vallely is a character in tony hawk 4. people were no hes not and i was like yeah. so ha! mike v is probably one of my favorite skaters. he is so outspoken for his sport its very inspirational and he is one of skateboarding greatest example.

anyways my adventures in babysitting will contuine on saturday. the same day as the proficiency test that i have to take. boo. i walked the dog today and then i watched some tv. actually a lot of tv. lots of xmas programming. im xmas-ed out. hmm the patterns song is on tv. i lost all respect for them. my sister told me that they were ased tp play an all ages show in san fransico. make sense its their home city whatever. they said they wouldnt do it b/c they wanted to do crack. jerks. were they going to do it on stage? still a catchy song and they have the obey giant on the video. evrything else blah!

[12/4/2002 11:21:47 PM | Eizelle G]

im so excited b/c shaun white is going to be on mtv with thorne ellis and metzger and tara its going to be sweet.

[12/4/2002 11:20:42 PM | Eizelle G]

thats a hard question. as you can tell i have nothing really going on. basically i work babysit watch tv and sleep. im only up for twelve hours a day. im taking a test on saturday for long beach its about 3 hours long. blah, math should be good you dont need a calculator. still looking for an apartment *sigh*.

i had the weirdest feeling. i was in the store with my mom and brother and my mom waved at a friend. it was so weird but i was so pissed at him. i really dont know him or anything but ive seen him before somewhere and the fact that he was waving at my mom pissed me off. i dont know why.

i babysat today and i babysit tomorrow and then saturday the same day of the test im going to be so burned out. but its all good.

[12/2/2002 11:16:35 PM | Eizelle G]

World War Four knocked out all the computers and stereos and everything, and even eraysed all the CDs. you are on some island, getting by, and by some miricle, your stereo is the only one that still works, and you have your CD case with all your CDs in it. Now you are just sitting there chillin when some dumb-fuck, a friend but not really a friend, just some dumbfuck who hangs around who you sort of know, he comes up and grabs a CD out of your CD case and snaps it in half. Now you are known for being a pacifist, you don't fight, you dont eat meat, youd never hurt a fly.. but when he snaps that CD, without thinking anything of it, you leap up and snap this guys neck. And there was absolutly nothing wrong with this violent act -- this CD meant the world to you, was your oxygen, and the very last copy was just snaped in half, this fucker has no buisness being alive. killing him was the only thing you could do. Now the question: What CD was it?

---from avi's profile.

something to make you think. anyways i went to work today. some people are just really mean. err...i was pissed b/c the people were being all mean to me even after i tell them that its not my fault. geeze! so i go home and then end up eating a load of mashed potatoes. yum and sme turkey soup. i feel really full and gassy. i got my manifesto from work too. i my next paycheck will have over 12 hours. woo! sweet. im a little worried b/c my testing info hasnt come yet so im gonna give the long beach people a call. speaking of long beach i have to find an apartment.

[12/1/2002 10:59:45 PM | Eizelle G]

so yesterday i was supposed to go to charisses house. i ask my mom is i can go over to her house but no. my mom was like you should spend more time with your family b/c you sister is leaving tomorrow. stuff like that. yeah i was upset b/c thats the second time this has happend to me. errr... hopefuly this xmas b/c my sister is going disneyland and my other sister has work.

so the day after thansgiving was fun b/c just the kids went to magic mountain. it was not that crowed. the longest line we waited in was x. it was well worth it. so so good. it was funny b/c there was one boy that i saw all day. i called him blazer boy b.c he wore the coolest blazer. i saw some one wearing my vans,his name was wes. it was fun up until it started raining. it was a good thing i didnt wear my converses. i mean really hard. we were soaked really. it was around 6 so we decided to leave. nonetheless it was a really fun day. i did the robot on every ride except goliath and x. that ride scared the shit out of me. so no robot i wish i got some of my pictures b/c they looked so great me doing the robot on every ride.

then on saturday my sister takes me to the TO mall. really crowded but good stuff. i didnt buy anything.

today i bought i sweatshirt and a cool shirt. it was fun.

[11/28/2002 11:32:57 PM | Eizelle G]

dinner. i was snacking on all the food before the actual dinner began. there was mashed potatoes and gravy so i grabbed a little bowl and ate some. thhere was cheese and carrots i grabbed a little bowl cut up some more carrots and got some cheese sauce. it was good. the turkey was awesome. not dry all thanks to mr alton brown of good eats on the food network. ah it was all good. my pie ah it was great! so so good. not to tart not too sweet. perfect! my sisters home and my dad is and its just a full house and its not so lonely. fun times. lots of laughing and burping at the dinner table ah thanksgiving. its not like formal dinner. we are all wearing pjs and there is burping and its just fun.

[11/27/2002 10:54:51 PM | Eizelle G]

hey kids its about that time of year for thanksgiving for family and all that good junk. im waiting right now for my sister to come home and my other sister to come. i thought i had to babysit today but when i got there they paid me and they sent me on my way vack home. i felt real bad taking the money but then again i can use it to buy them xmas gifts so it works out.

[11/27/2002 12:01:25 AM | Eizelle G]

i cashed my check today. it was great. i also checked my hours. i really suck b/c the little hand is on the 17th hour or 5 so when i clock in i write 17:56 when its really 16:56 so i get docked an hour. so i had to fix that. i saw crystal today and bobby clark and michelle (not nelson). it seem that i always see them at albertsons. tomorrow i make a cool cranberry cheesecake pie. if your lucky you get to taste it b/c to me its pretty damn good. i went to work. one of the girls got a pizza and they asked me if i wanted to chop a piece so i did. i only had one. its hard trying to talk to people and then eat a pizza.

[11/25/2002 10:58:12 PM | Eizelle G]

im finally making it in the world i got my first pay check for $53. moving up the world it feels good sort of. everyone where i work at is really nice. they intruduce me to new people, invited me to the company picnic, they are just overall really nice. the thing that gets me is that most of them smoke. nothing else i just sat and watched tv.

[11/24/2002 11:21:23 PM | Eizelle G]

i was watcing this thing about pop on vh1. it was pretty interesting...not really but hey its like a bad wreck....not really there was nothing on for two hours. alias was not on and ive seen all jackass episodes and osbournes so naturally i tune into vh1 b/c of their quality programming. yeah right...anyways so i went to church actually i drove to church it was good b/c it was my favorite chaplain. then i bought transworld skateboardings 20th aniversary magazine. it was really good. then we got home and i fell alseep. i woke up and then watched tv thats about it. i ate lots of hershey kisses. yum. tomorrow i work tuesday i work and then wednesday i babysit for an hour.

ok im watching south park. its actually really disturbing.

[11/23/2002 11:54:01 PM | Eizelle G]

i was out of the house all day. i woke up ate a buritto and then i was whisked away to the exchange. i bought some gifts for crystals grandmother and my mom bought me a rice cooker. its pretty sweet. i can not only cook rice but also soups and steam vegetables. its sweet. yeah. on a highlight i bought a dvd player! but then returned it b/c my tv is too old circa 1970 oh well ill get a cooler one when im really ready.dvd player that is. i saw lots of people that graduated a while ago at best buy and in the wherehouse. i got brand new and the new coldplay. both soooooo good. i was going to buy tickets at ticketmaster but noo it was closed. i guess thats what tomorrow is for. i dont know but it was really crowded in all the stores today. i guess b/c of all the sales and such.

[11/23/2002 12:59:59 AM | Eizelle G]

haha woke up early again to listen kevin and beans breakfast with no doubt. it was good then i went back to sleep. i washed the dishes. i almost had an encounter with the animal control. bastards! they talked to my nieghbors b/c their dog got out on accident. i mean it was an accident and the guy had to get off the seat to tell her a law that she already knows. i mean they rid the city of stray animals but thats their job. they are trained to "control animals" or whatever but i feel they dont like their job. jerks! i raise my fist at them. seriously if they stopped me and gave me a lecture b/c the one day my dog gets out the "animal control" comes. it sucks.

thats about it.

its comforting know that i have friends in far away places. it kinda makes the big world smaller and damnit thats a good feeling.

[11/21/2002 11:51:47 PM | Eizelle G]

i am very envious of people with friends.

[11/21/2002 11:51:19 PM | Eizelle G]

it was b/c of this song i cried

"i will wait for you" preformed by connie francis

If it takes forever, I will wait for you

For a thousand summers, I will wait for you

'til you're back beside me, 'til I'm holding you

'til I hear you sigh here in my arms

Any where you run to, any where you go

Every day remember, how I love you so

In your heart believe what in my heart I know

that forever more I'll wait for you

The clock will tick away the hours one by one

And then the time will come when all the waiting's done

the time when you return and find me here and run

Straight to my waiting arms

If it takes forever, I will wait for you

For a thousand summers, I will wait for you

'til you're here beside me, 'til I'm touching you

and forever more cherish your love

[11/21/2002 10:32:00 PM | Eizelle G]


do you know how fucking excited i am. you have no fucking idea! holy shit this mean i get to actually volunteer and stuff. ahhh im so happy. its not till august of next year but hell im going to sort of be in the area. all i need is a car. who cares that a whole year i have a whole year to be looking forward to this and i am one stoked mofo again i say you have no fucking idea how happy i am.

also earlier today i woke up insanly early to hear the almost acoustic xmas line up. saturday is ok the used is playing but sunday i almost pissed in my pjs. first coldplay is playing so is jack jonhson so are the vines,and beck with the flaming lips. holy shit thats pretty good for a sunday show. creed is playing too sadly. bah but im really excited and looking forward to august. ah thats about it. i didnt do much. my room is seriously warm so i had to read outside my room. i cleaned the bathroom with an old toothbrush. it was so hot in the bathroom too. today was not as hot as yesterday though but it was still hot. too hot for oxnard. hey thats a good porno title or some kind of video displaying licentious behavior whilst one is inebriated.

my mom noticed how excited i get for anything and everything and how lots of people are my heros. i thought that was funny you what else is funny. when you dad doesnt know how to spell you name and he was the one that made it up even the spelling.

[11/21/2002 12:07:06 AM | Eizelle G]

walking home today from babysitting i looked up and saw stars and a really bright moon. it was like summer, but in the fall. it was really nice.

babysat today. tomorrow is going to be a nothing day. i think i might go down to the wherehouse and peruse the cds in search of cheap cds and buy some tickets. woo! this time im not waiting. im going to go put and but them myself, right charice? seriously im not going to wait until the sell out. holy fuck was it nice day to go to the beach. but i didnt. my mom was not into going outside on a hot day so i stayed inside. it was nice inside but not in my room i woke up sweating. geeze i had to open my door opening the window didnt help at all it made things worse. anyways im not the only crazy that cried b/c if the futurama episode. there are lots of people who share the same experience. reading though all the reviews a lot of people had problems holding back tears but it was a great episode. i guess the part the made it sad was the dogs loyalty till the end.

i went to the library. the lady told my brohter and i to "quiet down" or whatever. it was really dumb b/c there were other people who were louder than us. i was going to start screaming "THIS IS MY QUIET VOICE" then go on the explain that i have no control of the volume of my voice and then scream at my brother to be quiet. ah i can only dream.

[11/19/2002 10:58:22 PM | Eizelle G]

stephanie: really?...ok...seriously it is?

me: boring

me: lonely

its hard to wake up in the morning knowing that the highlight of your day is going to be calling old people or walking oilis in the afternoon. everyday looking forward to something that probably is not going to happen. its fun you should try it....not really.

[11/19/2002 10:52:34 PM | Eizelle G]

"Lonely Day" by phantom planet

I could tell from the minute I woke up

It was going to be a lonely lonely

lonely lonely day.

Rise and shine rub the sleep out of my eyes

And try to tell myself I can't

go back to bed

It's gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day.

Even though the sun is shining down on me and I should feel about as happy as can be

I just got here and I already want to leave

It's gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day

Everybody knows that something's wrong

But nobody knows what's going on

We all sing the same old song

When you want it all to go away

It's shaping up to be a lonely day

I could tell from the minute I woke up it was going to be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day

[11/19/2002 10:42:11 PM | Eizelle G]

yesterday i had this whole thing written up about my day yesterday and how i saw a rocker from the 80s my day at work and the people at work. but no my computer did something stupid and it was gone so i decided not to type again b/c i put effort and it was late and i was tired. anyways yesterday in my mom s car some guy in a purple car and loud 80s hair rock blaring. i look over at the car and i see this guy in a quazi mullet bobboing his head to to music. it was so funny. i was laughung but my mom was not to amused. she said something like if she had the chance she would love to live in the 70s. i dont know but it was still pretty funny to me.

today work wne t by pretty fast. i call people and i normally dint finish till late 7 o clock and then the rest of the night i do run postings. its pretty easy. then i come home. tomorrow i babysit. oh yeah i was invited to the company xmas party. the funny thing is that im babysitting on that saturday for a person that is going to that party.

im never watching futurama again. i say that so many times but come sunday at 7 im watching tv and here i am watching futurama. sundays episode made me cry. it was about fry's dog and how he wanted to clone it to bring it back to life but he decied not to b/c he found out that his dog lived 15 years thats 12 years after he was frozen. they would cut to scenes with fry and his dog and stuff. when fry decide to not clone his dog b/c he said that he lived a full life they cut to the past and there was his dog sitting out side waiting for fry like he told him to the day he was frozen. for 12 years the dog sat out there. i dont know but it made me cry. the were playing sad music too. i was so sad. it was a cartoon and carttons dint make me cry butt there was something about this one that made me get all emotional. i guess b/c i have a dog. yeah if it ever repeats watch it b/c its soo good. that episode is up there with the one about fry's brother and then they played the simple minds song dont you forget about me. ah soo good.

i drove today too. i went to albersons to to make a copy but the machine was out of order. i saw walter there. so i journey to savons to make a copy. thats it.

[11/17/2002 11:30:24 PM | Eizelle G]

oh yeah so lets ggo back to friday. i went bowling at the base. i hate going to that alley and i avoid it at all sucks they dont paly good music. so many time i want to go there and just habd them a mix cd and let htem play it. i bet if they play that cd they have higher attendance. anyways i went to church today. that was about it. i was going to buy my very own dvd player but my sisiter went out and my mom woulnt let me drive to best buy to go out and get one. boo. oh man i dont feel good. i ate a lot of butter with breat and sugar and i do not feel healthy. the bread part was nice but not the butter and sugar. my dog right now is getting pissed at a barn owl that hangs out around my house. its pretty rad. i have yet to see it but it is stil rad. like last night i had my stereo on, not too loud, and i could hear it hooting. its cool. i wanted to go out and look but it was like 2:30 in the morning. not feeling 100% seriously i want to puke. never eating butter again! maybe two weeks.

[11/17/2002 12:01:32 AM | Eizelle G]

i went to the mall today. it was crowded but not as crowded. i found my deam sweater and im going to buy it. oh yes i will and maybe a new bag. maybe. anyways im babysat today. next week i go back to work on monday and tuesday and then babysit on wednesday. then i will have enough money to start a bank account so i can cash out my pay checks.

funny memory: the way i learned how to add and subtract was not by using counters or by watching sesame street i learned by playing blackjack. i would bet a certain amount of marshmallows or what ever food i had that day and bet with my grandpa. i could say i learned how to gamble before i learned how to add and subtract.and thats my funny memory.

[11/16/2002 1:59:42 AM | Eizelle G]

happy happy birthday, happy birthday linda!

(sorry its late but i didnt get on the computer till now)

[11/14/2002 10:51:56 PM | Eizelle G]

today was my formal day off as you say. i didnt babysit and i didnt have work. it was nice. i get to stay at home and do things on my own time. i didnt do much today but walk with yolis. it is fun. i like walking him in the early afternoon. its quiet and not too many cars on the street. its nice. i guess tomorrow ill go out on the long route b/c my mom will be in the grocery store. whats important to note is that its her thanksgiving shopping and thats going to take a while. what that has to do with going on the long route i dont know. anyways i realize i fall in love like 563458345 times a day. i was walking and i see this guy in a vw old van thingy i love him. and i love the cool plants outside the firehouse and i love the firemen that are in the firehouse i love trucks and cool skater guys in flannel shirts. and i love cheap twenty five cent sodas and the new guitarist named chris in the foo fighters and guitar picks. i love gilligans island and mike vallely and pocket lint. i love too many things. drummers yeah i guess thats the picture. i got financial aid and im happy. i have enough money to make it when i go to school. my mom is stoked that im not going to get into graphic design and my sister is pissed that i dint have to get a loan.

ja rule and stephen segal are in a movie that has got to be some kind of sign its got to.

[11/13/2002 11:49:15 PM | Eizelle G]

i took a mid afternnon walk with my dog today. it was really nice b/c on normal days i go out in the late afternoon and its getting dark. i like the early afternoon. i get the rest of the day to do...well...nothing. anyways i babysat today. the beginning of the night was chaos but soon enough there was peace. it was nice i got to wacht giligans island. i was hoping it was the russian ghost one but it wasnt. the herold heccuba one was not too bad. i like that one. i grew up with giligans island. its my favorite show of all time. ive seen everyone and almost all the movies. i really do love that show. i also saw my favorite episode of hey arnold, the pigeonman episode. the first time i saw that episode i almost cried. really it was that good. i ate lots of bread today. the frech roll kind. for some reason i have gas. hmm...

[11/12/2002 10:44:25 PM | Eizelle G]

i remember on sunday my dad actually sat down and watched an entire episode of jackass. i thought that was weird. my dad was laughing really hard. i thought parents usually condone shows like that but my dad hinks its the funiest thing on tv. strange but i love how weird my family is. like today my mom gets a letter from my aunt in the motherland (the philippines). my mom was thinging about calling my dad so she is right by the phone ready to call him and just then the phone calls. she picks it up and guesss who is on the other line. my dad. its a weird thing my mom and my dad have. they can sense when eachother is going to call. its not just a funny considence. its happend on three other occasions. so my mom and dad have this magic thing where they can read each others mind. its weird but really cool. oh yeah on sunday i didnt get to see charisse. jesse bailed on us and i couldnt drive b/c my mom didnt let me so i didnt get to go out and i just sat at home.

today was the second day of work. today went very smoothly than yesterday. i know how to do everything and and marlene helped me and i had an overall good night. i also found out why the other babysitter was fired.i thought i was a bad person for keeping the kids up late. it was a good night and i know i get money in some form some time so im good. tomorrow i babaysit.

[11/11/2002 11:03:02 PM | Eizelle G]

it was the first day of actual work for me today. hoping they dont ask me for more work days. first let me ddiscribe what i do. first i enter some dadt in the computer. they try to help me as much as they can but the way they explian it to me is so vague. there are lots of loopholes. i do that from 4-5. then from 5-8 i call old people to remind them that a bus is going to pick you up from this time to this time. the thing is that some people dont understand english, they have a hearing aid and i have to scream at them, or they have ans answering machine and it throws me off guard that i dont know what to say and i end up sounding stupid on the machine. so i feel like im not doing a good job. the place is so boring. there is no music playing so at times its quiet. there is nothing on the walls and i work with a computer and inside a cubical. its bland and i know thats a place where i would not want to end up working. the people there are nice. they have lots of personality and they almost all smoke. its kinda funny hearing them clear their throats and breathing hard but then its kinda sad. i guess the funnisest thing i heard was some guy trying to seel his brothers pentium 2 computer for $600. yeah right. and then they got into this conversation about buying computers from walmart. not a smart place to buy a computer. i was going to say something but i decided to keep quiet and laugh inside. so yeah overall work is blah but im getting paid $8.00 an hour and for a person who had never had a job before thats good. the plus side is that i get to talk to old people. some one today gave me a life story. i talked to her for about six minutes. it was great and she totally understood me. some people were like ok and confused. but i guess looking back it was ok but i would not want to spend my whle life there. i guess thats why everyone makes jokes and picks on each other. its keeps them sane.

i have a really bad head cold. i just want to fall asleep. thats all i wanted to do all day. i going to go to sleep early today. maybe i can go out for a little while and walk with yolis. i have a bad sinus and im developing a cough. it sucks. blah. this morning i didnt want to wake up. oh yeah my pee smells like cold medcine and ocra seeds do not digest.

[11/10/2002 12:33:33 AM | Eizelle G]

babysat. i got in a little disagreement about chocolate milk. i was trying to make chocolate milk with esspresso flavored ice cream. katie would not buy it. darn it was pretty damn good too. those kids would not sleep. ah but i got paid money and it was all worth it. i went to best buy i got nothing there. it was pretty croweded. nothing more

[11/9/2002 1:03:48 AM | Eizelle G]

i fucking sold out. im wearing socks. but they are folded inwards so its not completly on my foot. more like half of my foot is wearing a sock. it was selling out or look at my blue toes, i chose selling out. damn im so weak.oh well. i should try to not take a shower for like one whole month and see how that works. i would probably give in and take a shower the day after i propose that i will never take a shower. damn. i didnt babysit today either. good thing b/c im getting sick. i could feel it. my nose is full and my head is heavy. im getting things stuck in my throat. like last night i got a piece of chicken nugget stuck. i got it out this morning and it looked horrible. but it still tasted like mcdonalds chicken nugget. ive been pissing all day b/c all i did was drink h20. all i want to do is fall asleep but i couldnt b/c my brother had all his friends over. they played music and laughed and stuff. i had to change my pants for them. geeze. then i drove their friend home. that was pretty much my higlight of my day. i got to drive in the rain. there was a show today too that i REALLY wanted to go to but couldnt b/c i thought i was going to babysit. boo! lets see tomorrow or today however you see it i think i want to go to the best buy and use this 10% thing. woo hoo! starting work on monday very excited and nervous.

today i found out that my sister might invite a friend over for thanksgiving. i dont know but i think i would feel very weird b.c this person is not family but we do owe him. but im thinking its thanksgiving. its a time for family but i guess he has no family in not sure. what would you do? i dont know. i think he wants to go with us to magic mountain. thats not too odd but yeah. what do you think?

[11/7/2002 10:31:49 PM | Eizelle G]

hey i babysat today and i babysit tomorrow and the next day. so i have a job basically. oh yeah i got a job. i work at laidlaw, the bus place. i get paid about $8.00 an hour and i work 5-8pm on mondays and tuesdays. and it runs tilol january sweet deal and i babysit. really sweet. im actually going to get the playstation 2. i think my first game will be tony hawk 4. kelly slater and mat hoffman 2 will quickly follow. then transworld surf and stuff. i actually have a job that works to my hours. its amazing. im actually doing something and getting paid for it. hopefully it will pay off in the long run. damn there is something stuck in my throat. it wont come out. as hard as i try the hack it out it wont. i dont want to be comsumed in work that i dont have time to do other things like go out and stuff. i dont go out much in the first place but i want that option.

today was rainy. its actually good. we need the rain. it was a long day for me b/c i woke up an hour earlier than normal. i went for a brisk walk b/c of the rain. normally i go out for long walks around the neighborhood but it rained so my dog was kinda mad at me. oh well. i saw little bear 3 times this week.

[11/6/2002 11:08:48 PM | Eizelle G]

i babysat today and i babysit tomorrow. its all good as long as i get the money. its like i didnt buy those three cds. then i got a job call. apparently i work two hours a day. 5-7pm im hoping i can move that time up to 9-11am. i could go home and then watch the thunderbirds then catch up and the sleep that i missed, walk the dog, watch sabrina the teenage witch, elimidate then babysit (only on wednesday) then watch tv. ill be doing something. not just sitting on my fat ass and watching tv. it gets boring. so i guess a two hour job would add a little spice to my life. my horoscope on yahoo said something about opportunity and money. i was suprised. it kinda suck that it all had to happen when before i have to leave. still looing for an appartment. hopefully they wont take my tutiotn away. im working 10 hours a week. i hope they dont.

[11/5/2002 10:51:08 PM | Eizelle G]

im so glad i thought my computer crashed.but it booted up and im posting so woo! today my mom took me to the store to buy some medcine for her sinus. then she took me to the wherehouse. i went to look for a dvd single but could not find it. so im going to best buy to find it. i got taking back sunday for 7.99 so i was happy about that. and i got ok go and the used for like 8.99. sweet deal. i saw some people from school there too. yeah...hum...yeah...lets see then i walked and then i took a shower. fun times. then i have to look for an apartment. still looking for a candy that looks like dove.

[11/4/2002 10:48:31 PM | Eizelle G]

there is a show on mtv called 3 south. its pretty funny. you know how the regular minty toothpaste tastes its kind good in a way but you know how you cant eat it? well there is an ice cream that taste exactly like that: dryers mint chip. its even green. its what i imagine toothpaste to taste like if i could eat it. now i need to find a candy that is reminicent of dove soap. as a kid i always wanted to eat dove soap b/c the commercials made it look so milky good. i tried it once and it was bad. so i need a candy that will remind me of dove soap. white chocolate doesnt not have the same feeling.

[11/3/2002 10:22:05 PM | Eizelle G]

i woke up pretty early today for church. when i got home i ate and then i went up to my tv and watched the gravity games. its not as fun as the xgames. thats just my humble opinion. so i today i saw the weirdest thing. it was a mary kate and ashley doll. anyways the thing that got me was that they had clearly labeled one doll mary kate and one ashley. ok they are twins. if you buy both of the dolls and take them out of the package youre never going tto know which one is which so why label. just say that this dol could be mary kate ot ashley. you decide. then everyone decides to leave the house. so im home with my mom. its like that on normal days so im used to it. my dog was asking me to go out and run today but its my day off. i didnt do much. i ate about four dum dums and starburst and some crunch bars. fun size.i say the fun sizes... not so fun. they are so small so wheres the fun? not so fun. bless the nieghbors that give the good size candy the real size.yum

[11/3/2002 1:29:23 AM | Eizelle G]

i had a lot typed up by i went to antoer page so im going to sum it up. had a headache, babysat, liitle girl cried, i freaked out. went to guitar center saw many cute boys, upset b/c i was leaving as they were coming in. thats about it. oh yeah my goldfish has low self esteem. thats it.

the song that makes me smile b/c it reminds me of the good times of others.

Cabron by the red hot chili peppers

Cabron Cabron Cabron Cabron

I see you in the park

You're always wearing dark or blue

My dawg and me

And anyone from any other crew

I am small but I am strong

I'll get it on with you

If you want me to

What else can I do

Everyone would take a cue from anything you do

If you want them to

What else can it do

I dont' want to fight

I want to get along with you

This time of nights for singing songs about the love from you

Cabron Cabron Cabron Cabron

I come around and make peace get down have a barbecue

Let's keep the moon awake and do electric boogaloo

I am small but I am strong

You see I'm just like you

If you only knew

That I'm just like you

All the world would take a cue from anything you do

If you only knew

That they're just like you

I don't want to fight

I want to get along with you

This time of nights for singing songs about the love from you

I don't want to fight

I want to get along with you

This time of nights for singing songs about the love from you

Cabron Cabron Cabron Cabron Cabron Cabron Cabron Cabron

If you want me too

What else can I do

Cause I'm just like you

If you only knew

Cabron Cabron

[11/2/2002 1:33:00 AM | Eizelle G]

my mom told me today that she didn see a future in my career choice. she keeps on going back to a friend that has no real job. then i told her that i was going into apparel merchandising. then she like really? wow ok thats good. so now shes VERY supportive in my career choice. so its good. i babysat today and i babysit tomorrow. sweet deal. i get money for watching kids that basically sleep or are easily amused. its all fun. i ate lots of sugar today. i mean lots. i woke up and ate a tootsie roll. then another. i ate a pizza more tootsie rolls some dum dums and ice cream. for the past month i havent really eaten sugar in candy form. so i guess today it made up for all the days i missed. its really cold. my fingers are freezing off so are my toes. i should wear socks but im trying to go this whole year without wearing socks in the house. i find new ways to keep my toes warm like sitting "indian" style as they say back in my days or i stuff my feet between the cushins and piss off my mom. still havent found an apartment and i have to register for a test that i have to take in order to go to school.

[10/31/2002 10:27:52 PM | Eizelle G]

candy is great! i dont have to buy candy for like two months. its great. it kinda, no it really sucks that not a lot of kids came by. i dont get it. my neighborhood is really cool. one had a haunted garage and everyone got to go in. they do it for the love of scaring kids. my brother and i went around the block. the cool thig was since a lot of kids didnt go to my nieghborhood people were giving out candy by the handfuls! i got a normal size milky way, a six pack of airheads, handfulls or random candy. oh yeah i didnt go to my nieghbors house to give out candy. instead im going to babysit for them tomorrow and saturday. thatsovertime for me. its weird b/c kids just come to me. i dont do anything special. i treat them like they were one of my friends and i dont do much. i play along and stuff. its fun and i get paid non taxed dollars. ture it may not be minimum wage but hey its money that i can spend. i dont know what to get but when i see it i will get it. like my shoes. yuck there is something in my throat. i guess it could be the banana lumpia my mom made.

i gave out candy. it so cute watching kids and their candy bags. i went trick or treating with my brother. i guess its tradition b/c it is his birthday. anyways my one neighbor was drunk and you could smell it in his breath. it was horrible. the alcoholic i call him.people were trying to figure out what me and edward were. he was dressed as nick arson from the hives. he even had his guitar. i was wearing a light blue pea coat, folded sailor pants, a button up sirt with a plad tie and my vans. i had a painter/my brothers number one fan theme. but people asked what we were and it was fun telling them. watch my movie and tell me what you think. please!

[10/31/2002 2:02:57 PM | Eizelle G]

just give us candy

[10/31/2002 2:01:12 PM | Eizelle G]

happy halloween sucka! watch my movie!

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